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Viewfinder in Canon Scoopic M very hazy

M Joel W

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Will this be an issue with the film getting hazed or just make it hard for me to judge what's in focus?

It looks like a big promist is on the viewfinder. 

The lens looks clean. Haven't tried cleaning (or know where it is) the ground glass. I can live with this so long as the footage is okay. Thanks.

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If you take off the door and look through the viewfinder eyepiece (it focuses about a cm away from the optic on the inside of the door) does it still seem hazy? Focus on a backlit slide or your phone pressed up against it if you find it hard to tell. If yes, the haze is in the viewfinder and won’t affect the film.

With the door off, the ground glass should be visible through a window just in front of the gate. Using a loupe or magnifying glass does the image on the ground glass look hazy? If so, then there is haze in the lens or the reflex prism, and it may well show up on the film. Shooting a quick test will be the ultimate way to check.

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Thanks, Dom. Pretty clearly clean on the viewfinder eyepiece and hazy on the ground glass unfortunately, but it also definitely appears to be the piece of glass covering the ground glass (or the ground glass itself?) that has the issue with haze/dirt/dust.

So fingers crossed. 

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