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Jazz on a Summer's Day film (1958)

Mark Eastman

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I recently watched a video of the 1958 film "Jazz on a Summer's Afternoon" Directed by Bert Stern and Aram Avakian, a documentary of the Newport Jazz festival of that year. I'm assuming they were shooting with Arriflex 16mm cameras, but not sure. Before crystal sync, how was sound sync done with the cameras of this era?



Mark Eastman
Palo Alto, CA USA


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The camera generated a speed-dependent pulse which was recorded on 1/4" tape along with the production sound in a way which rendered it inaudible. When the sound was transferred to sprocketed magnetic film for editing, the mag film recorder in turn used the pulse as its speed reference.

Some over-generalisations here but a fair description:


BTW it's 35mm according to the references. I think I spy a 2C in the trailer as well.

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