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Sigma Cine Lenses on SR3

Raymond Zrike

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Do Sigma Cine lenses, FF primes, fit alright on an SR3? Does the viewfinder need to be moved to an awkward position?

I know that Ultra Primes fit fine, S4s are alright while S4/is are a tough fit, and then Master Primes don’t fit at all. I haven’t seen a thread regarding fitting the newer breed of cine lenses on an SR3, however. If they do fit, it seems like the 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm might be a decent, cheap but sharp, alternative for S16, as long as you’ve got the wide end covered with a zoom and/or an Ultra16/Elite/Century/Illumina.

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 Not all Ultra Primes fit, just the standard sized ones.

I posted a pic of a CP.2 on an SR3 a while back, maybe compare the profile of Sigma primes to CP.2s, using the PL mount as a size reference and see if you think they’ll clear.


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It looks like the Sigma primes are fatter than the CP.2s closer to the camera body, but then it keeps that 95mm diameter all the way to the front of the lens. They look much closer to CP.3s in shape—I assume no one has tested CP.3s? A 28mm Ultra Prime seems to be a similar shape also, so maybe the 95mm max diameter will let the Sigmas fit.




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