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Is it possible to convert the Aaton Penelope to shoot in 4 perf?

Edith blazek

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Hello, so im SOL on getting the arricam lt to shoot 2 perf as Arri themselves don't have any in stock and nobody is selling on the used market. But I remember there's the Aaton Penelope which can be switched from 3 perf to 2 perf easily, which is nice, but the reason I wasn't super interested in it was I thought you couldn't shoot 4 perf with it, but I didn't look to deep into it so that's why I'm here, has anyone made a 4 perf movement for the Aaton Penelope and if so, does anyone have one available?

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The whole point of the Penelope is to make the mirror smaller, so the camera is smaller. When you do that, you limit the formats it can shoot. Thus, it's only a 3 perf or 2 perf camera. The 35III can do 4 perf and 3 perf, but the conversion requires not only parts that don't exist anymore, but also software. 

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