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Battery Power for ESM Motor

Darn Thorn

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Hi All,

I'm trying to power an ESM motor. In the past I used a heavy 12v motorbike battery, but wanted to swap out to something lighter.
Do you think these 12v (1.2v x 10) 5000mAh NI-MH batteries would be ok?

Also, I have a 7 pin Tuchel to 4 pin XLR Cable (with an on/off switch) on the way. I'm assuming this connected the ESM to a Bolex Power Grip?
Does anyone know which pin on the 4 pin XLR side is +12 and - ?

Many thanks 


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Hello, Darn.

Here is a setup that works very well for most people I know.

Purchase a Juicebox Magic Power 2.0 battery,


then modify the supplied cable by cutting off the end used to connect it to a Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera and attaching the appropriate XLR connector to pair with the on/off cable you have on the way.

For XLR wiring, usually Pin 1 is ground and Pin 4 is +12V DC.

If you employ this method, once you cut off the Black Magic end and peel back the wire shielding to expose the two wires inside, the red wire is (+)12VDC and the Black wire is (-)Ground.

Always test with a voltmeter to be sure though.


I hope this helps!!!!

Sincerely Respectfully 

Robert M Ditto

Bolex Repair Tech


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