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Info re Pathe 16 motor.

Jonathan Woolf

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I have a Pathe 16 in pretty good shape.    I also have the external electric motor. What I don't have and am looking for, is info on the motor.  And a power cord if possible. It has no markings on it.  I have fed it 12v DC, and 24 v DC. Not a murmur. The motor turns over by hand fine, no seized mechanical stuff. The switches seem OK.  I am wondering if it is a 110 or 220v AC motor. Anyone know?

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Hi Simon, thanks for your reply. My camera is a Pathe pro 16 AT.   The motor has a sticker on it- Pathe, Made in Western Germany.   I just  discovered that the motor itself has 3 wires going to it, which tells me that it is an AC motor. As it is French or German, I assume that it would be 250v, 50 cycles. As I live in the USA, I would either need to move to Europe or get a very long extension cord to operate it.    I will attach a photo of the motor, in case you can identify it. Many thanks.


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Yeah, the tension. Mind you, that motor was made for 220 Volt, yet we have 230 Volt. Just of late I had someone here with an Arriflex 16 SR II and an old, half-melted charger. It gets dangerously hot.

Why have you fallen for the WEBO M?

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