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Soft Ultra Prime

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I was operating camera the other day for a performance. We all were on different focal length Ultra Primes,  straight from the same rental house. 

The 100mm I was on was noticeably  more prone to flaring than the other focal lengths and had reduced contrast with brighter scenes. I took a photo of the lens with a light shining on it and noticed the pictured spots. It didn’t look like the spots were on the front element, but deeper in (I could be mistaken). And I didn’t get a chance try and clean it. 

Any thoughts on what it could have been? 




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Does the rental house not have a service department you can ask?

Often white speckling like this is due to degradation of element edge blacking, sometimes called “Schneideritis”,  but it’s usually around the edge when looking in because it’s an optical reflection of the edge of the glass. 

This looks more like some form of contamination, but it’s hard to tell just from photos. I have encountered similar speckling on internal surfaces which cleaned off, not entirely sure of the cause. 

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