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Bolex EBM - V lock battery solution

Marko Steinberg

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Hi all, 

I wanted to share what I've done with my Bolex EBM regarding the battery and maybe help any other people out there. 

I've done a lot of searching online, but I realised I would love to power it from a V lock type battery, for ease of use. I purchased a SmallRig battery plate (SmallRig Battery Adapter Plate 3204). I went for this one as it wasn't too expensive and after sending them an email, confirmed that the outputs on the plate are regulated (as the Bolex EBM requires 12V). Another benefit of this plate is that it has a power button, meaning the you don't need to get a cable with a switch to power on/off the camera. The button makes it much cleaner too. The plate was screwed on the back of the camera. This required a bit of modding and making the existing holes on the back of the camera a bit bigger (took me 3 minutes to do this).

I made a custom cable, using a simple 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC barrel plug, and a Amphenol Tuchel connector (T 3475 005). Pin 3 is +12V and pin 4 is ground. This connector is really well made and fits perfectly with the camera, worth it in my opinion. 

Once the cable was made, I simply plugged it into the 12V output on the plate, and the camera works perfectly. Currently I'm planning on adding a small monitor and a small video assist as well, which will both be powered from the 12V outputs on the battery itself with a Dtap cable. 

The only drawback with this method is that you in reality need to use a video tap, as the viewfinder is blocked by the battery/plate. With a smaller plate and battery, it could have probably been avoided. 

So far I'm quite happy with this setup! 





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  • Marko Steinberg changed the title to Bolex EBM - V lock battery solution

Actually, the main screw that holds the plate is slightly to the left! I've made the hole a bit bigger and bolted it from the inside to out.

The screw you're referring to is actually just holding it in place for extra support. I've removed the small bulbs that were there and found a screw that fits just barely so it holds the plate a bit firmer. It's not actually fully bolted in (if that makes sense). So far it does the job!

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I haven't tested that one, however from the looks of it, with the right cable, it should be fine! It even has a 12V output, you probably don't even need a plate. I got the plate so I can use various other batteries as well, just makes it easier. I've tested my setup with a FXLION Nano Two and a Core SWX NANO Micro 98Wh battery, both worked without issues. 

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