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Looking for a small and lightweight lightmeter

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Hey guys.
I am looking into buying a new/used lightmeter for outdoor shooting (super8/16mm).

I used to go with the Sekonic L-308 and I loved everything about it. But I lost two of them in the past. So I'm kind of over investing in another one of those.
My question is: Is there a more affordable meter out there that has similar specs and features?

I only need it to measure incident light. I don't need reflective metering. No flash metering, doesn't have to be digital either. 

Lux/FC reading would be nice to have but it is not a must.

The Sekonic L398 caught my attention. But I am a little afraid of incorrect usage due to the hectic situations I will be using it in. I will mostly shoot documentary style outdoors.
And I need to quickly measure and dial my f-stops to capture the moment.

Have a nice day, ya'll

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