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  1. Horses for courses. Some amazing films were shot on BLs, so I'd consider it, if the rental is significantly cheaper - or even buy one. Alan Gordon sold a 2perf BL two years ago for around 14K.
  2. Some BL3s and BL4s were converted to 2 perf. I guess Panavison converted some of their cameras to 2 perf as well.
  3. Camtec Motion Picture Camera Rentals in L.A.
  4. ARRI rental Munich PS: were you able to get a replacement board for your XTR?
  5. I'd contact Danny at cinefacilities.com
  6. Correct, you get one frame per revolution on Aaton cameras. The drives were custom built for Aaton, not off the shelf drives, and changed with almost every model.
  7. Try Charles Pickel at Serious Gear in Seattle.
  8. A short video about Watershot Inc's underwater housing for the ARRI III:
  9. It reminds me of these low profile mags made for this underwater housing: https://www.cinematheque.fr/fr/catalogues/appareils/collection/camera-sous-marine-film-35-mmap-18-3238.html
  10. Marc, you can find many battery contact springs and contact solids on Digikey. And you can model the holder in Freecad or even Blender.
  11. When sending expensive equipment for repair, you should fill out the forms for outward processing traffic (passiver Veredelungsverkehr). This usually costs 150-200$ depending on the country. This makes sense when sending a 25000$ camera for repair, and avoiding the 8-10% "re-import" tax. You still have to pay VAT on the repair cost, but not on the whole camera, plus the customs processing, which is separate from VAT. For less expensive goods, you can try and state in the shipping documents: "temporary export for repair" and "return from repair" and just add the value for the repair, which will be taxed. But it does not always work. I agree, it's a pain.
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