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  1. Unfortunately I had to cancel the video tap - there have been changes to the sensor board I was unaware of, since my prototype. Luke and Brody have been refunded. I am profoundly sorry for not catching this earlier - mea culpa.
  2. Hi Mitchell You made four posts for your 535b in one week. Please keep it in one post, thank you.
  3. Thank you very much Evan!
  4. I want to build an run/stop switch for steadicam use and I was wondering, the Aaton rocker switch on the wooden handle is connected to a 2 pin Lemo on the camera. Connecting the two pins makes the camera run. flipping the switch to the other side, opens the gate. Does this position on the switch have a resistor, so the camera knows which one has been pressed, and if yes, whats the resistance?
  5. Chris, I can see a small delay with fast moving objects - a frame or two. I'll post a video soon.
  6. I thought the full HD video tap from AZ for the XTR Prod (and the taps from other vendors) had the exact same issue, because i suspect we all use the same camera module (judging from the menu layout). My tap can be installed by the end user, hence the external DC/DC. For the AZ solution, you have to send in your camera. But if he has a tap that shows no rolling bar at 24 fps, then you should definitely get his. I can't provide that. EDIT: I looked again at the AZ full HD tap for the XTR Prod (PDF and video) and it has the exact same rolling bar at 24fps.
  7. The sensor has a readout of 25, 30, 50 or 60fps. Running the camera at 24 fps, it is one frame off the sensor readout of 25fps, hence the pulsing wave that travels through the frame.
  8. Here's the tap showing flicker free operation at 25fps, and almost no flicker at 24fps. Menu can be accessed directly with the front buttons, to flip the image, change to B&W, change to 30fps, 50fps or 60fps for flicker free operation at these frame rates etc. https://vimeo.com/404338635
  9. The Y8 is currently on hold - the longer I worked on it, the more I thought, why am I not putting all that energy into a really small 16mm camera 🙂 David, thank you for the images, it would help if you could open the cap of your video tap port, to see how it looks concerning the relay lens. New pictures are up on the site now, videos will follow soon
  10. If I remember correctly the XTR has the same side port as the XTR prod, so, yes, it'll fit. Image of an XTR I found on the web:
  11. In that case, it would be possible, if I adapt the attachment of the sensor and the housing - I would need the camera for a couple days to do the measurements and it's a heavy beast to send half around the globe. Send me an image of your camera and tap and I will try to find one in Europe with the same tap attached. EDIT: Reading your document, your tap has a C mount - is that correct, is it attached directly through this mount to the 35 III?
  12. This is an upgrade of the standard def video tap of an Aaton XTR Prod, meaning the old electronics and sensor are removed, but the existing beam splitter and relay lens stay in the camera. They form the image on the newly installed fullHD image sensor. So this would only work on your 35III if you already have an old standard def tap installed. I would still have to check the sensor size of that old tap and adapt the mounting mechanism. to the port. I'd rather invest the time into adapting my solution to upgrade ARRI SR III and 435/535 taps, as I feel only very few 35 III owners would upgrade.
  13. Glad to hear Tyler. I will have more details, images and videos by the end of the month. Then I have see how it handles hot and cold environments, vibrations, shocks etc. So end of April would be the earliest the system is available.
  14. As I'm planning to sell the fullHD video tap for 900-1200$, I don't want to disclose which camera it is. The potential group of buyers is so small, that the machining costs of the housing and other parts stay quite high (total BOM roughly 540$). I hope you understand.
  15. waiting for the final PCB for the front arrow keypad (where the circle is cut out) it's almost flicker free at 24fps. you can judge focus on a fullHD monitor and focus peaking works too , if the monitor provides it. I will post final pictures soon, and a video
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