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  1. Silly me, they probably used the 45 degree limit line because of the ARRI 35 II and III, which had their mirror sideways, tilted at 45 degrees.
  2. Dom, do you know if this is an official document from ARRI? I'm asking, bc the mirror on ARRI (and Aaton) cameras is tilted at 47.5 degrees, so the reflected beam off the mirror is angled at 5 degrees off the vertical axis, to make space for the ground glass housing, for it to not protrude into the film gate. I redrew quickly these dimensions to show the differences: As a rough envelope it's probably good enough though
  3. I do the same - i added a wooden camera PL mount to mine so I can use my 16mm lenses. Just as a heads up, most newer SD cards don't work with that camera anymore at all speeds (there's a whole thread on BMC forum). I bought ones from Angelbird that work flawlessly.
  4. it varies from lens to lens, usually wide angle lenses protrude further back, tele lenses less. there's a limit on how long it can protrude for film cameras because of the spinning mirror. The PL mount lens diameter is 54mm, so for a rough measurement you can measure the diameter on your image and calculate the scale multiplier.
  5. I get a lot of requests recently for the cheese plate. It is sold out and I wont manufacture new ones. The video tap for the XTR Plus and XTR Prod will be upgraded and available by July/August with an internal DC/DC, an iris control for very bright scenes, and click wheel for the settings. It'll be around the same price as the one from VP and AZ.
  6. I thought about vacuum casting a set of 15 in silicone or PUR if there are enough people interested in one.
  7. The abrupt decline of sales of film cameras in 2008 before the Alexa took off was quite disruptive, from what Shipman-Mueller once told me a decade ago. Were they ever in real financial trouble? I have no idea. Cancelled ARRI Valencia, 3-perf 250fps
  8. Did the owner use the camera as an angle grinder? 😭
  9. Technically not Europe, but topfoto bodensee in Switzerland has all four speeds in stock. Cinegrell Switzerland might have some as well, give them a call.
  10. David Sekanina


    An EVF recording off a ground glass with a fiberoptic faceplate component (usually 100 fibers per mm, but goes up to over 200/mm nowadays), the 16mm focusing screen is too small to resolve even 2K. A 65mm 5perf ground glass is over 52mm wide, so for Logmar to chose a EVF solution is sound in my eyes. I don't know if the Magellan uses a focusing screen though, or if they relay the image to the sensor with relay optics. correction: it's over 100 line pairs per mm for a fiber optic focusing screen - not individual glass fibers, so it could resolve 2K in 16mm. My bad.
  11. ISOFLEX PDB 38 CX 2000 is a homogeneous impregnating fluid for sintered-metal sliding bearings consisting of ester oil, mineral oil and lithium soap. It is resistant to ageing and oxidation, offers good corrosion protection and can be used at low temperatures.
  12. David Sekanina


    I value your input Tyler, I do not always agree with you on everything, and I wish you'd be less unkind to Logmar's projects. On certain topics you sometimes contradict yourself. In one thread you once said you'd design a camera with no ground glass, just an EVF, like Panavision did on one of their cameras, and later you state in another thread, that the market would not accept a camera that has no optical viewfinder. This is of interest to me as I'm working on a 4K EVF solution first and hold off the optical one for later, or even leave it out.
  13. Mine arrived today. It's a truly wonderful book - I wont get much sleep tonight 🙂
  14. David Sekanina


    1: As far as I know, they've used their own money and time to develop their cameras. 2: Didn't know you were a fan, thank you I guess, I thought you hated them. But I never asked for money. I doubt I designed anything revolutionary, I stand on the shoulders of giants like Fritz Gabriel Bauer and Jean-Pierre Beauviala. I now have the benefit of 40 years of technological/manufacturing progress since, to maybe solve some of the problems in a more compact and elegant way. While I sometimes work on projects that are just design/ergonomic studies "for show" (I still want to design a Pentax 67 III, knowing very well it would never be manufactured) the Y2 and Y8 camera projects were different beasts, somewhere between R&D and plans of manufacturing a small batch. I halted both for different reasons, but I learned a lot working on them and use this knowledge now. 3: Kudos for being honest, but that's a bit sad. It's really their time and money. Instead of being bitter about it, why don't you start a thread, where you show how you would design a camera? With sketches, scribbles, diagrams etc. Put in two weeks worth of time and people would take notice. You might not like their cameras, but you have to admit, they put in the time... years of development.
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