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  1. Using a 1.3 anamorphic lens already gives you the 1: 2.39 aspect ratio on a S16 camera. 16mm film is advanced one perf hole per frame, so even if you'd have a widescreen gate, you'd still be advancing the film by one perf per frame, so you don't get a longer running time like you do with a 3 or 2 perf pulldown in 35mm. there are some 800 foot mags for the SRs and Aaton XTRs, but the film is a special order from Kodak.
  2. please ask your camera tech to send an image of said part (from the parts manual) so I can check if I have a spare
  3. on color grading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo0YcNRlrNA on editing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEuFP7U7tB8
  4. Prices for last generation film cameras have skyrocketed in the last three years as more and more filmmakers want to shoot on film again (or for the first time). The most affected are the Arricam LT and ST, the Arri 235, Arri 416 and the Aaton XTR Prod and Extera.
  5. I always thought "the wrestler" and "hurt locker" were shot on Aatons (except the extreme slow motion shots of the explosions in the latter).
  6. pick the online simulator for the camera you'll be using and you can get familiar with the menu system: https://www.arri.com/en/learn-help/learn-help-camera-system/tools/camera-simulators
  7. i measured the weight of my Aaton XTR Prod and took the weight of the SR3 from Arri's official brochure. I don't know where Tyler gets his 4lb difference. Others report a weight of 6kg with a loaded mag and an onboard battery for the Aaton (probably no video tap and lighter battery) - so that would be a 1kg/2 lb difference. ARRI SR 3 brochure
  8. My XTR Prod with a loaded 400ft mag, NiMH battery, no lens is 6.8 kg, very close to the SR3's 7kg. The Aaton is more ergonomic on the shoulder for sure.
  9. aimimage has 2 XTR goundglasses for sale: https://aimimage.com/product/kit-for-sale/film-accessories/aaton-xtr-ground-glass-type-31-commercls/ https://aimimage.com/product/kit-for-sale/film-accessories/aaton-xtr-ground-glass-type-28-drama/
  10. 3 perf movement for which camera? 235, 435, 535, Arricam LT or Studio?
  11. David Sekanina


    I don't mind Tyler's skepticism - I have a healthy dose myself. It is a very tiny market after all. As for creating new parts for existing cameras - I could not manufacture an XTR mag for under 3-4K (all cnc machined, as die casting the housing is out of the question) in just manufacturing cost - people wouldn't pay for it.
  12. David Sekanina


    Thank you for your thoughts Tyler. I agree with you on many points. To build an XTR style camera today would cost over 60K, as you cannot benefit from a larger scale manufacturing as Aaton did in its day - a non starter. Is there a market for a simpler A Minima style camera? I really don't know, and if there is, it won't be big. To find out, all I can do is spend 12-18 months designing one, machine two or three expensive prototypes and do a Kickstarter campaign. The servicing in 20 years also concerns me. I would probably have to release the blueprints and assembly manuals after a f
  13. David Sekanina


    A camera with quick swap pressure-plate-mags is not possible in that price range. Really think of simpler A Minima or a beefed up Ikonoskop.
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