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  1. Heidi, you have a camera that is sought after, but to get the best price, I suggest you buy a big sheet of white paper as a backdrop and take pictures of the camera and lenses from various angles (and like Tyler said, of the gate, mirror, pressure plates of the mags).
  2. Kodak Cinema Tool App has an up to date list:
  3. with the hair trapped and squished in-between the perfs, this looks like a flatbed scan of a few frames to me, not a typical film scan
  4. hmm. the helical gear is pinned, so unless the pin broke, i don't see how the helical gear of the mirror shaft could get out of sync
  5. if you need a part for the repair, let me know Tyler
  6. also wanted, non functioning Moviecam SL or Compact for parts
  7. with lab work being sometimes similar in some labs but scanning more expensive, i I think you'll end up with 150-200% of the cost of 16mm - Tyler for sure could give you more precise numbers for the US
  8. With 400ft you get around 9minutes in 35 2 perf, vs 11 minutes in 16. 35mm film stock is still around 1/3 more expensive.
  9. For a more compact solution than the micro cinema camera you can buy the IO Industries 2K. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1425613-REG/io_industries_2ksdiminid_camera_2k_1080p_i_720p.html It's nice because it is a 2/3" sized sensor, like most taps, so existing relay lenses will work, if the previous sensor was also 2/3". It also has standard frame rates of 24,25,29.97,30,50,59.94, and 60fps which will result in a flicker free image, if the camera is running at the same. You would have to set the tap's frame rate manually , so it is the same is the camera frame rate.
  10. If you want to spend a few minutes or hours marveling at cameras and other equipment, the cinematheque has taken wonderful pictures of their collection: https://www.cinematheque.fr/fr/catalogues/appareils/collection.html like this marvelous 35II mod by Panavision used for underwater filming:
  11. Please Tyler, don't tell him to cut a hole into the actors abdomen, because you've done some film-set surgery before 🙃
  12. Looking for a Moviecam SL Mk I or II, ideally located in Europe. I know of two currently located with brokers, wondering if there are more out there.
  13. I just did a quick test: adjusted the gain on a log 10 bit DPX film scan in the first serial node so the image clipped massively, then on the second serial node turned down the gain again. All clipped areas recovered. While the first node does affect the second, no data is lost in the process as far as I understand. I'm not a colorist either. EDIT: it's more complicated: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=84615
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