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  1. Try to contact John of Fresh Ground Pictures - he did a lovely restoration of a 16BL a few months ago:
  2. Can you measure the thickness of the beam splitter with a micrometer (or a caliper if you don't have a micrometer)? Metric, not imperial. It's a French camera 🙂 Thank you It's thicker than a pellicle beam splitter - and you wouldn't have the space for a frame (necessary for a pellicle beam splitter) anyways. But thinner than any off the shelf beam splitter I've seen. Beam splitter in my XTR Prod:
  3. ...and then he was bitten by a spider 😟
  4. Both the mounting interface and the electrical connections are different, but there are mag throat adapters to mount compact mags onto an SL camera (see last image).
  5. If you still have a digital camera (with a macro) try to film the pulldown with the strobe to get a magnified view.
  6. It's an escrow. The buyer will be paid automatically after 48 hours of you receiving the goods unless you complain. You only have 24 hours to examine the goods, and cancel the transaction if there is a discrepancy in the description of the goods by the seller, and what you actually received. This is very short for film cameras, if you want to do a steadiness test, have it developed and scanned within 24 hours. They have a youtube video explaining it:
  7. The mag release lever can be used to not only to release the mag but also engage it, so it doesn't require a hefty push. Disengage the spring loaded mag release lever and gently slide in the mag, and then engage the release lever, instead of having it raise and catch the mag lock pin automatically with the mag push. At least on the XTR it works. Other than that, have a tripod plate with a locating pin engaged in the rotation lock hole, and the plate being pushed back before screwing it down, so the camera can't be moved forward anymore. Machine or 3D print a sleeve that grabs the bottom of the body and fix that securely on the tripod plate.
  8. Pure coincidence, I'm watching 'Deer Hunter' this morning. Vilmos Zsigmond has a shot where he tracks the camera from left to right, while maintaining the size of the actors walking towards the camera by zooming out. It's an interesting effect, combining the field of view change with a parallax change:
  9. Last puzzle piece: my Optex focal extender protrudes 29mm to the back and fits the the SR3 as well as the Aaton. So even the widest of the anamorphic lenses protrudes less than my focal extender, so therefore it'll fit.
  10. As I was on my own, I had to resort to a stop motion example. Shot with an 80-200, camera is stationary, plushie is moving towards camera. Yes, it's silly 🙂
  11. the video was shot with my cellphone, so the zoom is not a zoom but a crop-in - which is not the same like a zoom in. But I totally doubt myself now 😄
  12. If your actor moves away from the camera you change the distance to the camera - you compensate him getting smaller by zooming in. This changes the field of view, hence you have the background warp around an actor that keeps his size. Your actor ends up in a different position in the room, yes, so the end image will not be the same as when moving the camera away. The field of view change and the warp still happens, doesn't it? Edit: I might be wrong, I have to test this 😳
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