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  1. there's an LTR on BBList: https://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=75427 and a few SRs and another LTR on cameramarket.eu
  2. The Cameflex and Arri 2C were popular budget 35mm cameras. But now you can sometimes find BL3 & 4 packages for 2.5-3.5K. Andree Martin has a 535 for 4500$, larger 535 packages usually go for 5.5-8K. 3perf ones are more expensive of course.
  3. An interesting technical paper from 1997 I came across discussing Arri, Aaton, Moviecam and even the Russian cameras and some Chinese clones. The Love of Look - IEEE Xplore
  4. There's another value. A very small number of members post wrong information, probably not out of mal-intent, but because they don't know better, on certain technical aspects. Some knowledgeable members here usually correct this misinformation quickly, but this requires someone to read the whole thread. If I see a post that states, I should use coconut butter to lubricate my 4-perf movement and it has three downvotes, my guess is, this might not be the best idea - everyone knows you should use whale fat 🙂
  5. Based on what criteria? He's one of the very few writer/directors who directs big budget movies that find a big audience, that is not a remake nor a superhero movie. He loves actors and has a very good command of his craft. I truly enjoyed Once upon a time - my favorite of his is still Jackie Brown.
  6. If you have an amazon prime video account (Netflix's compression is way to aggressive), have a look at some of the interior and night scenes in Mississippi Burning. I could not get such a grainy image on 16mm, even if I pushed 500T by a stop.
  7. Hi Uli Living in Switzerland, I'm in a similar situation with my film cameras. I would get a carnet for your camera because it'll prove instantly you only temporarily bring the camera to the EU, so you don't have to pay taxes. I don't think it matters if it's for a personal project or a professional one - also, how would you prove this? Look at it from the customs side: how would they know you didn't buy the camera while visiting Germany and try to get it to the UK without paying taxes. The carnet clarifies that.
  8. Heidi, you have a camera that is sought after, but to get the best price, I suggest you buy a big sheet of white paper as a backdrop and take pictures of the camera and lenses from various angles (and like Tyler said, of the gate, mirror, pressure plates of the mags).
  9. Kodak Cinema Tool App has an up to date list:
  10. with the hair trapped and squished in-between the perfs, this looks like a flatbed scan of a few frames to me, not a typical film scan
  11. hmm. the helical gear is pinned, so unless the pin broke, i don't see how the helical gear of the mirror shaft could get out of sync
  12. if you need a part for the repair, let me know Tyler
  13. also wanted, non functioning Moviecam SL or Compact for parts
  14. with lab work being sometimes similar in some labs but scanning more expensive, i I think you'll end up with 150-200% of the cost of 16mm - Tyler for sure could give you more precise numbers for the US
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