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  1. abandoned account

  2. Then just don't buy it. This forum has really become a troll-farm - I'm out.
  3. The ARRI lens profile is for their 35mm cameras, where the mirror sits closer to the PL mount. The 16mm cameras have more clearance, and the Aaton even more than the ARRI SR series, so you'll be fine. This is why you can't use certain 16mm lenses on 35mm cameras, even when the image circle would be big enough.
  4. Well Junior, I did reply to your thread and sent you the link to the sub 400€ Raspberry Pi 16mm film scanner, that outperforms the Moviestuff scanner by a lot, and if you would be really interested in the topic, you'd be all over this project and building one yourself. I did not see that. Hence me questioning your motives. Concerning how much my work shows up on google image search, I don't care much and don't understand why I should 🤷‍♂️ But your list of institutions that have a collection of your archival work is truly impressive. I myself, could never make sense of your curation and selection process.
  5. According to the ARRI envelope, it's within, so it should be safe, as the envelope itself has an additional clearance to the mirror and focusing screen
  6. Neither do the vendors believe Daniel Teoli is going to purchase one, that's why they stopped replying to his hundreds of questions. I wish people here would also stop replying to his clickbaity threads.
  7. Thank you Uli for the shout-out, and thank you @alexandre favre for letting me measure your Arriflex 2C. I modified the part, so it should also work for 400ft mags, but I would need to check the dimensions again on a physical 2C, as there were some differences between Ull's and Alexandre's 2C. 🐌
  8. Do you want to rent a 16mm or 35mm camera? ARRI London The Unit Bag Cameraworks MCX Films Emmyland etc You might want to call them first, as they might not rent their gear to visitors, or to people with no film camera experience.
  9. ...with a sneak peek at their new camera development:
  10. this is wonderful, I love that you mounted it on a cutting board 🤩
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