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Has RED Improved In The Last 5 Years?

Max Field

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Haven't really looked into RED cameras for a while since all of their early stuff would overheat and partake in proprietary extortion, while simultaneously still not quite looking as good as an Arri equivalent.


Just recently I watched a test of a V-Raptor sensor shooting out against an Alexa Mini LF and was impressed by how much better RED's color philosophy has gotten to where it felt like having either image was entirely 50/50 for me. Previously being 70/30 in favor of Arri.

My question of their image has been answered with flying colors, if anyone could please answer these other 3 questions I would be very thankful:

  • Are the DSMC3/Ranger era cameras doing more than 40 minutes of recording on a single battery yet?
  • Has RED been continuing the practice of proprietary extortion through their overpriced memory cards? Or do they allow for good recordings in more universal media¬†(CFast, SSD)?
  • Do these cameras still overheat after running for over 2 hours?

Interested in any and all insight, please don't sugarcoat any experience with these cameras.


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