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Shooting music video Austria w/ Super 8

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Soon I will be shooting 2 (3?) music videos in Austria with musicians in the VRChat/Furry scene. So expect the virtual and real life to intermix with the help of the funny animal people and fluffy avatars.

The majority will be shot on Super 8, right now I am gathering and organizing my gear for the trip. Film has already arrived on location.


Still debating whether I should bring my steadicam rig, because it is such a hassle to bring even on checked luggage.

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Sounds like a an exciting project Niels. I'm sure many here will look forward to seeing your film if you end up posting it here. I'd love to see a pic of your steadicam rig. Do you find that it is much better than, say, a large gimbal, for what you do on Super 8?

I will be shooting some rolls of Super 8 in the next week or so. Last time I shot Super 8 was a few years back (on a Canon 1014 XL-S), for a wedding. The couple were really happy with the film I shot for them.

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