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  1. Many great comments... One I have to take exception on is the dynamic range comment. As you must know, 5-6 stops would not be a useable camera. I'm not sure where you got that number or what methodology you were using but we have posted an Imatest chart showing 11.4 stops. http://www.nattress.com/StoufferImatest.jpg If you are having trouble getting the most out of the RED ONE, we would be happy to make suggestions. Many of your other points are valid. Some have been addressed, some are being addressed. Jim The depth was shallow as expected, and the colours were fantastic. The manual says you can get 11 stops in latitude at 320 ASA. NO WAY. I don't know who said that, but it aint so. We could barely get 5 or 6.
  2. Come on Phil... you can do better than this. Less than 2K resolution, scam, something! Jim
  3. That is not correct. A lot of things happen (and can happen) between the sensor and a RAW file. We just choose not to do it. Jim
  4. Single digital sensors need an OLPF (optical low pass filter) to eliminate aliasing. That filter softens the native image. Sharpening, unsharp mask, or OLPF Compensation (maybe a more elegant term) is necessary if you want to get back the original resolution of the sensor. Some do not want to get back the lost sharpness of their footage. They like the "softer, creamier" look of no OLPF Comp. Some want to snap it back. Some may even want to over-sharpen to get it to look more like traditional HD footage. Canon's new 1Ds MKIII manual has a section dedicated to sharpening and why it is important for their cameras. It is the nature of the beast. We choose NOT to put any in-camera sharpening so that the user has all his choices. But in head to head tests where RED RAW footage is being compared to in-camera sharpened footage, we just want to make sure everyone knows what's happening. Jim Jim Jannard www.red.com
  5. Actually, about 30 were glued of 26-100 and about half of those were replaced. This is a moot point because all 1-100 will be replaced with a final camera at N/C to our customers, including shipping. Our early customers knew they were getting cameras that were not finished. They didn't know that they would get a free replacement when we were done. Jim
  6. Stephen... you understand wrong. The 1st ones were glued to compensate for the "deep drop" in the slot. That was fixed two months ago and every camera now has a bolt mounted and replaceable CF writer. Maybe you should email me this type of stuff in question form so I don't have to watch the board for mis-information. I'll always respond to you quickly. Jim
  7. If Phil saw RED footage and said it had low resolution, he is the only person in the world that thought so... if Phil was in LA, why didn't he stop by and shoot some tests? We would have welcomed him (we still would). But I am pretty tired of the resolution trashing and it is very easy for Phil to resolve instead of the ongoing banter. But I don't feel any need to spoon feed him. No one else has a problem with our 4K resolution and it is not my job to "fly him out". As for Graeme... one could only hope to be the contributor that Graeme is to RED. We have filed many patents based on Graeme's inventions and it is pretty hard to listen to someone who has no inside knowledge of what is going on talk down about Graeme. Not only is Graeme brilliant, he is a wonderful and delightful person. Someone many of us could learn from. Jim
  8. I invited Phil to come to RED and do anything he wanted to test the camera... he hasn't shown up. The invitation is always open. Jim
  9. You are quite the conspiracy theorist. How are we suppressing tests with 100 delivered cameras in the field? We have established that we have no NDA or other agreement with our customers about what they can say or do with a RED ONE camera. The LART test was not under our control in any way. On the other hand, RED ONEs are shooting several feature films by discerning directors and cinematographers who have tested the camera before beginning production. They must have liked what they saw? It is not our place to ask them to publish their test results. Accusing us of suppressing tests is fairly severe when the facts seem to indicate exactly the opposite. Jim
  10. I know at some point we'll both be tempted not to post at each other... but how do you explain our resolution being greater than a 4K film scan? The whole world thinks RED footage has amazing resolution except Phil... and Phil has never seen the footage. Jim
  11. Peter needed certain features enabled and we couldn't get them done in time for The Lovely Bones. We both are ready for his next one. BTW... you packaged your question to make it sound like the test results were the reason to shoot film. That is inaccurate. Jim
  12. This is about the 3rd time around for this discussion. Yes, a 4K Bayer is equal (with Graeme magic) to about 3K-3.2K. Yet, if you take 35mm film and do a 4K scan, the RED 4K image is higher resolution. (Tests at several labs) Also, see Peter Jackson's quote about RED footage needing to be compared to 65mm film and not 35mm film. And no, Peter does not own RED stock. But he has placed orders for a lot of RED ONEs. RED 4K (3K?) footage has also shown to have more resolution than full frame 35mm sensor cameras that output 1080P. You can call the numbers anything you want. In the end, it is the direct comparisons that matter. Jim
  13. Let me be clear here... for those of you that need to hear it more than once. We have offered to replace every camera Serial #1-100. We told each customer that the 1st cameras were not finished when they took delivery and they had a chance to wait for delivery if they wished. No big secret. Yet we hear stories of complete satisfaction from most of them in there current state. There have been issues... just as we warned from day one. We had fans issues- fixed with a firmware upgrade two months ago. We had a black spot show up in the middle of the sun or extreme bright headlight if you pointed directly at it- fixed with firmware upgrade. We sent some cameras out where the back focus was not set properly. We fixed them. Our EVFs were not performing properly. We held back shipping them. That has been fixed. And so on. Yet people are shooting major motion pictures with these cameras (and earlier prototypes) with complete success. The 1st 100 were not terminal or a big mistake. They were early and not finished. What is missing from this so-called "big mistake" discussion are the questions we are now getting from our customers. Several have asked if it is mandatory to have their cameras replaced! Several have asked if they can send their original camera in for the upgrades instead of a complete replacement. Just so you know, we are offering to upgrade the original cameras if our customer chooses. It just will take longer to get that done. Which is why we chose to offer a new replacement camera. We did not want our customers to be down for a week while we did the upgrades. I have said before that we will upgrade any returned original cameras to the new spec and put them in the demo/service pool. But we can do it on our schedule rather than force our customers wait. The things that are different on this next batch of cameras are: A new adjustable lens mount. It is one of the best pieces of engineering we have done so far. Improved DSP New sensor settings A new IR/LP filter in a new location... a bit further from the sensor than the original. A new firmware build (which would work with any of the cameras- original or new) with more features enabled. It is easy for us to upgrade an original camera to the new spec. And that was the plan until we realized it would be faster for our customers to replace them. We need the extra cameras anyway, so it is the same in the end either way we do it. Phil is just wrong. And Max can think and say anything he wants. But nothing they believe or say will change our course. We started out to make a great camera and take care of our customers. It is that simple. We are in development. We probably always will be. Everything can be made better. And when we do, we will make sure our customers get the new stuff without having to buy a new camera. It doesn't point to anything except the continual improvement of our program. If someone put down a deposit on a RED ONE and changed their minds for any reason whatsoever, we have offered their money back plus interest... no questions asked. I don't remember any company ever making this type of offer. It points to our commitment to take care of our customers for the long haul. Think what you may. This stuff is pretty easy to understand and pretty hard to twist around. Jim
  14. Jim Jannard

    Red One in oz

    Josh... thanks for your post. Do you know which firmware you used? 2. Unfortunately the high compression ratio (12:1 Motion Jpeg) lets it down big time, but I consider the issue lies with the fact that there is currently no storage format the can handle a full 4K data rate (306 MB/s). We don't use Motion Jpeg for compression. 4. The camera feels cheap, but of course it is cheap, this can be taken as a pro or a con. the PL mount is absolute garbage, but from what I have read, this has been replaced on newer versions / upgrades. Using shims to get the back focus on cine lenses is just not practical. Also, the back focus seems to slip as the camera warms up. While I would disagree that the mount is absolute garbage, I do agree that using shims is not ideal. We are shipping all cameras in the future with our new mount. And the camera you used is being replaced at N/C due to a variety of upgrades. 5. The Red lenses... Forget it. You get what you pay for with glass and thats exactly the case with theses lenses. Stick a Ultra Prime of the from of it, fantastic, any cine lens performs as you would expect. Which RED lens did you use? 6. It is very noisy and it gets very hot, the fans do shut of when you press the big red button but how long can you shoot on a hot day in a sound stage before this thing over heats and melts itself. This sounds like the original firmware/fan issue. Again, which firmware was loaded on the camera? We have corrected the fan issue (posted about two months ago). 8. It is heavy, No different to shooting with a Arri 435 on the shoulder, probably a bit heavier, But because of it's modular system you can balance it, which is cool. Body weighs 10 pounds. 9. The sensor is way to exposed with no lens or bung on the camera, yes you can clean it with a expensive butterfly brush but I would like some kind of protect over the sensor so I can simply give it a good blast of compressed air to clean it. The sensor is fully protected by the IR/LP filter. The filter is what you cleaned. 11. Last but not least, is latitude, please correct me if I'm wrong but after compression I only could measure 5 - 6 stops. the same as any other digital camera. (see footage) I need to correct you on this one. And without knowing how this footage was processed it is hard to tell where the quality was lost. Steven Soderbergh shot his last two movies "all RED" and is shooting his next movie with Matt Damon "all RED" because of the quality of image he was able to get the last 5 months. "The Game" is being shot on RED for the same reasons. There are several things you can to lose quality in post so it would be good to know how this was processed. Jim
  15. Daniel... go have some kava and everything will be OK. :-) Jim
  16. I only deny half of what you said... Jim
  17. It appears that there are a few here looking to pick a fight over just about anything. The NDAs were done by the LART organizers. RED did not ask them to do it, did not draft them or participate in the NDA in any way. Pretty simple. If we supplied anything and made any kind of request, like "here is a new untested build to experiment with, try it out but let us know how it works before you use it for definitive testing"... it would be a simple request. It would NOT have been a formal request, a written request or demand, accompanied by an agreement, an NDA or any other expectation. Just a courtesy. It is not unusual for us to give out these test builds to some of our customers under similar circumstances. On our website we have a production build and a test build. We also have daily builds that we give out for feedback. We didn't tell LART what to test or how to test. We didn't ask to see results before they are posted. We have tried not to influence LART at all. Primarily so we wouldn't get into these idiotic discussions. Why any of this matters is beyond me. Some here are looking for contradictions in statements... for what reason again? Jim
  18. Obviously, you are here to push my buttons (again). We simply improved the cameras... significantly. So we decided to upgrade all of our early customers. Pretty easy. Just because other companies don't do this is no reason to assume anything on your part. You haven't bought a camera. You haven't shot a RED camera. You are not a customer. Our customers seem very happy with the cameras they received, our philosophy and our decisions. Every customer was told in advance that they were early adopters and had the right to wait for delivery. They choose to take delivery. And now they are rewarded with a new camera with many advancements. What is wrong with this again? I forgot. Jim
  19. Stephen... Soderbergh shot two movies on RED prototypes and has said he will shoot his next feature starring Matt Damon "all RED". I don't think you can say that the 1st 100 were sub-par. Actually he shot "Guerrilla" on Beta prototypes and "The Argentine" on pre-production REDs. Jim
  20. I haven't seen anything "cosmic" for many years... :-) Yes, we do have dead pixel correction. We understand that some companies accept dead rows (and dead row correction). We do not. Jim
  21. Jim Jannard

    Red NDA?

    Hind sight is 20/20. I realize now that I should have listened to you from the beginning. We would have had a much better chance at being successful. :-) I understand that you do not like the way we presented ourselves. Sorry about that. I might have done a few things different, but not too many. Enthusiasm is hard to bridle. And I also understand that you do not believe the camera to be worthy of the praise it is getting. Sorry about that, too. On this one I just prefer to disagree with you. Once you actually see the camera and have a chance to shoot it, I'd love to hear your feedback. Not about how we presented it... but your thoughts on the image it creates from your hand. My best, Jim
  22. Jim Jannard

    Red NDA?

    David... I'm trying to figure out a productive reason for the question in the 1st place. What exactly was the point? The follow-up response seemed to want to infer that we use the forums for promotion, then attempt to limit our customers communication. These kind of questions, and follow-up have no positive intent whatsoever. I hope Tim and the rest of this board has a chance to actually shoot RED... better yet, rent a RED. Just to see what everyone is talking about. And to see what kind of service one gets during our development phase on a rental. Every customer that has received their camera has been told that the camera is not done. They have been offered three choices. 1. Take delivery and expect updates and development issues. 2. Wait until we are done. 3. Get their money back, including interest and a premium... no questions asked. Most have taken Door #1. A few have selected Door #2. No one (yet) has chosen Door #3. So the reason that no one is complaining, loudly anyway, is that they know what they are in for and have chosen to accept "early adopter" status. They are all part of the process. Our camera is not perfect. We still have features to enable and problems to solve. But RED is shooting feature movies without problems and winning friends. If you have a chance to actually shoot RED and then decide to trash it, no problem. That's when we listen to criticism and work hard to make our camera better. Jim
  23. Jim Jannard

    Red NDA?

    This is about the dumbest thread to date on RED. You assume that because no one says there is no NDA that there must be? And why is that? Of course there is no NDA. Why they hell would we do that? We have suppliers sign NDAs, not customers. We keep them saying nice things by bending over backwards trying to take care of our customers with service. Not dictating that they can't speak. I think if we were dumb enough to have our customers sign an NDA, that is the 1st thing you would hear about. You say this board is not negative RED and the leader of the pack says stuff like this? Maybe I should take this as a compliment... to many people saying good things that you think they must be "mouth-cuffed". Jim
  24. Ken... I didn't try to manipulate your words. I posted exactly what you posted. Your words. Any manipulation is strictly on your part to try to justify the complete disparity of your original posts (which I agree represent what happened several months ago) from your recent posts which say something completely opposite. This is a confrontational board. Just for reference, here is your last (of many) posts that started this whole mess. I have to hand it to Jannard. He is one tenacious marketer , by planting guys like Chris Kenny. Chris has been over here since September of 06. He has posted 167 times - 162 of which were to RED forums. No working cameraman would be that excited about a piece of equipment that hasn't even passed its developmental stages yet. In fact, I don't know a single indie filmmaker who is in a position to fork over an amount of money equal to the budget of many small indie films, let alone have the time to post as relentlessly as Mr. Kenny has in such a short period of time. Even a rich hobbyist wouldn't waste his time posting almost 200 sycophantic Red posts to a site, whose members clearly aren't impressed by the hype. Yes sir. The only logical answer is Red marketing-plants, and they have conveniently been bombarding this site like mosquitoes for the several weeks preceding NAB. You're not fooling me, Jim. You didn't get to be the king of eyewear by accident. I am impressed with your tenacity, although I have to wonder how many sales you actually think you can make from this site. It is quite a show, to say the least. The confrontation was not caused by me. You can now twist your own words around anyway you like. But I'm done with this topic. It is old news. I still wish you the best. Jim
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