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  1. Large format! So THAT'S why your Hasselblad system sits unused in a closet. The idea of a Hasselblad owner giving up film completely always struck me as odd; the ones in my stills forum seem to have an almost sexual love for them.
  2. Is there less gained from scanning a dense negative than printing it or are you recommending they get the look in post?
  3. Could it be that Alexa footage just looks cleaner, since we're almost always seeing it downsampled? That would be unique, I was led to believe.
  4. What percentage of screens are 4K? Perhaps they wanted to optimize for the prevailing format?
  5. That does help. David is probably 110% on the history of anamorphic lenses but he seems to be busy, right now.
  6. I had read about the focus issue in an old thread on early anamorphics. In any case, why do anamorphic adapters need to focus?
  7. Thanks. Why do front anamorphic elements have to be focused along with the rest of the lens? What image would a front anamorphic element alone form?
  8. I've heard of a rear anamorphic adapter (Duclos) but only one - anyone know if it was single focus?
  9. Your "makeshift video tap" is actually close to how the first video assist was done: a video camera with a zoom lens on top of the film camera, so that the side-to-side framing matched. If you use the video camera's built in mic and the video camera is next to the film camera, the dialog may be drowned out. Are lav mics an option?
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