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  1. I am quite confused of the white balance on video camera. Normally white paper is used to execute the white balance but why Gray card can be used too? Does this mean that the gray colour will be neutralised to 'white' since a white paper with colour tint will have the colour tint neutralised during 'white balnce'? Please help explain in details. Thank you very much.
  2. This is news to me indeed. All this while my understanding is, as has been explained in almost all photography books, DOF is influenced by subject's distance to the lens, focal length, iris and arguable film format. David, your explanation is logical but I am really confused.
  3. I would like to think that it is very important as it brings out shape and dimension. As for my practice, I will make sure that I place kicker for the subject even it is difficult to place the light sometimes.
  4. Hi, Can anyone explain the difference in lighting for video versus film? Is it correct to give a narrower lighting ratio for video as compared to film ? Thanks
  5. Having said this, do you think it is a waste in pursuing optical post since digital post is taking over the job?
  6. If budget is not a problem, what format should we go for? We may need to see the rushes on common projector, at the same time we may go into editing on film just to get the experience.
  7. Hi David, I am sorry for the confusion. Infact I have no knowledge of 35 mm technology. All this while I have been learning about 16 mm camera. My institute intends to buy a 235. I am not sure if the camera caters for 2 perf, 3 perf and 4 perf format or we have to change gate and shutter to get the desired format. How about projectors? Do we have to buy different projectors to view the 2 perf, 3 perf & 4 perf formats. If you have time please explain more. Thanks
  8. Hi friends, My institute intends to purchase an Arri 235 camera. Can anyone please offer your recommendations? (1) What are the differences between 3 perf and 4 perf film and can Arri 235 take both perfs? (2) What are the prime lenses we should buy for student training purposes? (3) What range of zoom lens should we get?
  9. hi, I hope I am on the this topic, may I seek your advice and tips (1) how to estimate the length of film to be laced on the camera with the 2 loops and (2) how to make sure that the film sprocket hole is engaged to the claw at the gate as the claw is always away and the film is not engaged firmly after the pressure plate is kocked?
  10. Hi all, Am planning to shoot on super 16mm negatives then blow up to 35mm as a final product. Someone has suggested to shoot straight on 35mm negatives instead as, mentioned by him, the cost is the same. May I confirm with you all? Thanks.
  11. Sorry Nick. I have posted earlier but unfortunately I still can't understand the real concept. Forgive me for wasting your time I would like to think that more people will respond to my question and I will understand fully. Right now I am still thinking of what is the purpose of this system? How do I use it in my cinematography? Patient teachers, please kindly explain with examples. Thank you.
  12. william koon

    zone system

    can someone please explain in plain language what is zone system in cinematography? Thank you in advance
  13. Please explain what is 'zone system in cinematography'? Thanks
  14. John, No. That is certainly not your last post to us in the forum. We still need you. You could see so many are responding to you and wishing you speedy recovery. Look forward with your strong will, you will succeed. Regards to you and family.
  15. Dear John, Cheer up. With your positive determination and all our wishes, you will recover very very soon. Take good care.
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