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  1. I'm curious as to how much of the forest scenes were artificial light vs. just the sun and bounces. Anyone opinions? There were literally four or six people in the entire theater I was at on a Friday night...that place is gonna be closing soon...sad.
  2. So even if the aperture is changed during the zoom, there's no actual change in the depth of field?
  3. Love it! What lens were you shooting on? And how much color correction did you do? Also, were you shooting in 60p for some of it?
  4. Are you shooting on the 200 or the 110U? Cause the 110U only shoots up to 720p, not 1080, but if you're doing handheld work without a Steadicam or shoulder mount, it's gonna be harder to use the 7D than the shoulder mounted JVC's. Also, with the 7D's shallow DOF, sometimes its difficult to keep the scene in focus where you want it unless you have a 1st AC working with you.
  5. Is this still available? Could I have a phone number? Are you saying that the dolly itself is 1500, and track is additional? Thanks, Aaron
  6. Hey guys, I have a 4:2:2 Digital S Recorder and Player that was slightly used. The models are BR-D750U and BR-D51U, if anyone wants them, give me a shout. Thanks, Aaron
  7. Why do long focal length lenses have less DOF then short lenses? I would think that since the F-stop = Focal Length/Lens Diameter, the long focal length lens will have a correspondingly larger F-stop and therefore smaller circle of confusion? Is it because the F-stop applies to each lens individually and can't be compared between lenses, and the short focal length lenses will be closed down (because they pass more light than the long focal length lenses) to give it more DOF? Sorry, I just never bothered to find out the reason behind the long lenses having little DOF, and it's been annoying me for too long. Aaron
  8. First of all, it really was a great video. Jake and Matt pretty much said it all, but just think about using more edge/rim light. The scenes in the field were really nice, but since the exposure was set for the lamps, you lost all the detail everywhere else (maybe throw some ND filter on the lamps next time), and I think that would've helped you out some. I think (at the end) lens flares can definitely work in some places, and they were fine for part of the video, but it just gets to be too much at the end. Also, a lot of the shots are just dark. I appreciate the use of darkness/shadows, and they work for some of it, (the shot that the video opens with is fine, but its just repeated too much). I really did like it though, I'd love to see some more stuff from you.
  9. Just wanted to say, I'm excited to see these images coming off the 5D. They look absolutely gorgeous. I'm shooting a couple things on the 7D this summer. Did you do any comparison tests between the two? Thanks, Aaron
  10. Hey Mr. Mullen, Could you explain what you mean by color bias? Also, cinematography wise, in terms of what you have in front of the camera, is there anything you look for in the color of the objects that are being photographed? Complementary colors, etc? Thanks :)
  11. You'll also need an XLR or some sort of audio cable to run to the camera. In addition, some boom poles come with shock mounts, which are where the mic mounts to the pole. Make sure yours does, or buy it.
  12. Hi all, We just wrapped shooting on a small sci-fi short written by a friend of mine. It's set in 2050, where the world has crumbled to dust and dirt and all that. Two construction workers enter an old building, planning to tear it down, and discover a living but comatose woman lying on a bed in the basement. She wakes up, and they try to escape, but one is left behind and the other escapes. Though afraid, the construction worker (named Sall (female)) who is left with the woman (Nova, the Perfect Mate) talks to Nova and discovers that she has been left behind to repopulate earth in it's misery (I think it's a pretty corny idea too). Nova and Sall try to return upstairs, but Jim, the construction worker who escaped, returns with men with guns who try to kill Nova and Sall. Nova kills one of the gunmen with a pistol she had taken earlier from Jim. Nova and Sall run back into the basement, where they are chased by Jim. Nova and Sall discover that more "Perfect Mates" exist and must find a way to protect them from the construction workers that are now persuing them. Jim catches up, and Sall kills him for trying to kill her. Nova leaves the building, where Sall is sulking over Jim's body. She goes out into the world and sees decrepit villages, and is seen five months later, pregnant. Pics are coming later. We shot on the DVX-100A with: 2 x Arri 150 Watt Fresnels (Tungsten) 2 x Lowel Caselights (Fluorescents, similar to KinoFlos) 4 x Lowel Totas (Tungsten) 2 x Lowel Rifa's (Tungsten)
  13. I don't know much but to me that video looks extremely desaturated, so I'd say he went into a grading program and pulled down the saturation a lot. Anyone else get that impression?
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