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  1. How long does it take for a DP to smoke a Cigarette? Same as anyone else but 3 days to light it....Baraboom.
  2. Hi Andy, I've sent you a PM. Shipping to LA would be around £120 (GBP) insured.
  3. Here's a link for the adaptors I purchased: http://www.srb-griturn.com/nikon-lenses-on-canon-eos-quality-assured-1231-p.asp Insured shipping to Australia would be in the region of £120 (GBP).
  4. Apertures have not been De-Clicked. Lenses are all less than 18 months old. I've shot a hand full of things with them. They have never been dry hired. Glass is Perfect. Just a few cosmetic paint flecks on a couple of the lenses. Regards
  5. I'm considering selling the following kit: 1x Zeiss ZF 25mm Lens. 1x Zeiss ZF 35mm Lens. 1x Zeiss ZF 50mm Lens. 1x Zeiss ZF 85mm Lens. 1x Zeiss ZF 100mm Lens. 6x Quality Alloy custom made focus gears (already mounted on the lenses + 1x for a 28mm ZF Lens). 5x Zeiss Lens Hood/shade. 5x Zeiss Rear caps. 5x Zeiss Lens caps. 5x Lens Adaptor Rings (Nikon to EOS). 5x Canon Rear Caps. 1x Yellow 1510 Pelicase to keep the lenses safe. Would rather sell as a complete system. The only reason I'm considering selling the above kit is that I've placed an order for a set of 5x Zeiss CP.2 Lenses. So, if anyone is in the market for a pretty comprehensive set of quality glass then get in touch. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Suffice to say there are no marks, chips or dust in or on the glass elements of the glass. There are some cosmetic chips/marks on the barrels of the lenses. The Lens caps and lens hoods have all got professional yellow vinyl graphics dictating what lens it goes with (25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm). You will not be disappointed.
  6. Updated the chart with Super 16mm, 2/3 inch Sensor Sizes and the growing in popularity 35mm 2 perf. Unfortunately inch-based sensor formats are not standardized, exact dimensions may vary, but the one shown in the chart is typical of a Sony/Panasonic type sensor.
  7. Hi phil, Long time no speak. You are of course correct. I didn't really put the 5D sensor size in as it's the same size as Full Frame 35mm Still (which is already represented in the diagram). I could add many more sizes to the chart but it becomes very busy and not as clear, but hey I've got some time on my hands.... Hope your well Rich Steel
  8. Thought I'd add my own visual presentation of some of the frame sizes to give you an idea of what's what. If anyone else would like some dimensions added, feel free to pm me with exact mm dimensions and I'll add it to the chart
  9. Hello folks, If your thinking of asking Santa for one of those MKV Directors View Finders......STOP. For less than $30 (US) you can turn your swanky new iphone into one instead, using it's onboard Camera. WooHoo. I'm not connected in any way shape or form with the company that has developed this app (they're also behind the Helios Sun Finder app) but have to say they are very responsive to requests. I asked if the 1/3" chip size was a generic size used or was it based on any particular camera. It's generic but when I asked if they could base it on the HVX-200 they guy emailed me back saying they'd update the camera database and ad the HVX-200 on the next update. Cool. Here's the link for the app: http://www.chemicalwedding.tv/artemis.html
  10. I've heard one guy call himself a "PREDITOR".......He produces, shoots, directs and edits all in one....I laughed my ass off but he wasn't joking.
  11. Speak to Tom at DS Video in Glasgow. They are dealers for Sony and Panasonic stuff and they are doing some really good deals right now.
  12. Here's an interesting thought....and I'm thinking out loud here......How much does it cost to go to film schools these days? Wouldn't it be great/better if you handed a reputable facilities company the cash/grant/bursary for your education for a placement onto a Government approved apprenticeship scheme.....offering said company tax breaks for the length of term (apprenticeship) etc etc etc and giving the apprentice an 'Old School' approach to learning...No?
  13. If I was to serve my time again, I'd look at getting a job in a Rental Facility like Arri Media or Panalux (here in the UK). That way you get to work with pretty much all the latest technolgies around, get to know the crews that are using the equipment (soft networking) and eventually going out with the equipment with the most popular gaffers. Film Schools serve a purpose but if I knew then what I know now I would have skipped my stint at Film school and started on the shop floor of a big rental facility. Of course this is only my opinion. I'm sure there will be 101 other people saying you need to go to Film School, personally I wouldn't. Whatever you decide, good luck in your prospective career path.
  14. Hi folks, Thought I'd put the music video I DOP'd a few weeks ago up here. Shot using the Panasonic HVX200 with an SGPro and Zeiss ZF Lenses. As well as the directors running around Scotland with a couple of Nikon D300 and Tilt and Shift lenses. If you go to my website and click on news and blog it's the top link (to view the video) Peace Rich Steel www.steadicams.com
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