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  1. Here's hoping other manufacturers follow suit about time something like this started to happen. So how long till we get a Android OS budget camera... www.semedia.co.uk UK video production for the corporate sector
  2. Does anyone have any idea of how much the components of the BMCC are capable of? I hope we may one day see the compressed raw, new pro res scaling, audio improvements, delete clips options, but how much of this is feasible with the hardware and is it all possible at once. Personally I would kill for a histogram, false colour, waveform or anything other than zebra too help me know what my exposure is without having too connect to something via thunderbolt. Off the shelf Thunderbolt to HDMI adapters working would also be a close second on the list.
  3. Hi everyone Was hoping for some advice I'm shooting a live event this weekend where I will be positioned on a little stage to film a catwalk having done the show last year I was infuriated by bouncing from people sitting on the stand, stills photographers moving etc. As the flooring is not even and bounces. Does anyone have any tips to help alleviate this? I was thinking of going to a local DIY store and purchasing a big thick block of wood to place the tripod on top of but if anyone had any equally practical ideas short of screaming my head of at people moving inconsideratly it would be a big help. Chris
  4. Hi all I've recently been running into a few issues with my Libec Ls38 I've been filming for a few years now having upgraded quite quickly from the LS TH920? (i think) a few years prior due to the lack of weight it could handle which is a shame as I miss it to be honest. I'm now beginning to have some serious issues with my LS38 it was always coming loose anyway from the time i bought it when doing tilts from low to high (always at the low end) but now the head is reguarly coming loose and gradually moving off balance during pans!? Does anyone know how this could have occured? A month or so ago I packaged the ball and head seperatley from one another and the only thing I can think of is that perhaps the bubble wrap i wrapped the head in may have removed some form of lubrication which has gradually been erroding at the ball head and might explain the slipping now? Is there any long shot I could do to counteract this? or is this ballhead basically dead now should this be the case? Even if it is the case as it's not something I've heard/ run into before. Any help/ thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  5. Thanks Chris I believe the Bouy is plastic/rubber I'm not too worried about retrieving anything apart from the GoPro at the end of it all
  6. Hi all Does anyone have any suggestion with mounting GoPro's underwater? I am working on a docu next week and the director wants to mount go pro's to the underside of Bouy's with a bait trap below with the aim of hopefully getting footage of sharks. Any suggestions on going about this? I was thinking of removing the bouys drying them out, and then attaching the adhesive mounts to the underside and perhaps rig up some kind of cable tie backup should something happen. My main concern is how does the adhesive hold up to water, and more specifically salt water? Also considering our targets are attracted to electrical signals is there any likelyhood of them munching on the gear, i know it's plastic contained but Sharks are extremely sensitive to electrical signals We will be using the flat lenses for improved sharpness also.
  7. Howdy folks Recently realised the G3's I've purchased last yr were all set to Ch.38 rather than 70, now obviously no one's payed me a visit until now but I don't much fancy breaking the law if I can avoid it, however after sitting down for a few min and reading the manual I can't figure out how to change it, i've played around with the frequency but the bandwith isn't even breaking out of the 600's... Could some kind person out there please give me an idiots guide to resolving this. ps. Ofcom if you are reading this don't put me in the slammer with the big burly men. Thanks in advance Chris
  8. Sorry Phil maybe I wasn't clear I already stopped the lens down beyond 5.6 and zoomed throughout the range and the issue is still there
  9. Hello Firstly I don't shoot too often with this lense generally I use Nikon manuals but haven't coughed up for the anything wider than 24mm at present. I was using the 18-55 stock lens today and was wondering if anyone else has seen or experience this when zooming to the long end of the lens I am experiencing a weird iris issue even on apertures slower that the long end of the lens 5.6 it seems to ramp up and down throughout the range with a noticeable shift in light. Is this normal iso and shutter were not set too auto or anything like that. tried both the switches on the lens IS and Auto focus but I am still getting the issue as well as hearing the opening and closing of the iris. Is this normal?
  10. Hi all I was tasked with producing a promo video for BVE North this year in Manchester whilst there Shane Meadows, director of This is England, Dead Man Shoes and many other classics was speaking about his use of Sony cameras and his career in general and I thought it maybe of use to the people on this forum. I shot this myself with the aim of using a few key phrases in the promo so the camera does drift about slightly (though not much) as I look for wides, etc. but the content maybe of use to people.
  11. Hi all Apologies first of all about posting here but I updated my t20/550d to magic lantern this eve with the aim of using the recording splitter on it for a wedding tomorrow (550d is the safety cam) unfortunatly the option appears to be missing from the trashcan menu I'm in a bit of a rush sorting all this out as I only learnt about the feature at the sameish time of learning my work details for the next few days so havent had time to properly reseatch both. but on the v1.09 550d that I have installed the firmware on v.1.0.9-ml-2010d i cannot see the option in the menus only what is under audio, video, shoot, brack, focus and debug. i believe it should be under shoot but only interval time: intervalometer, lcd remoteshot and trap focus exist as options. If anyone could tell me briefly what I am missing it would be a massive help, or better yet link me to whatever is missing. sorry to flood these boards again with my 550d problems for the 2nd time this month but i lack the time to organise and test to my usual standards right now. Chris
  12. I haven't no, but seeing as how i've only used non windows vista systems since then i haven't encountered this problem once! in several weeks of filming, just wish i could recover those damaged files.
  13. have managed to do it once copying 3 full sd cards onto vista, the clips still played in camera. looks like I will always have to check the files all play on comp before any formats in future. sucks for the clips that are lost though as even though it was only a C camera having to explain to a client why those files dont work is not going to be a fun experience
  14. It was a card reader on a Dell Vostro running Win Vista... (i know.) basically my win7 netbook died several weeks ago and im using it as a workaround while i debate what to purchase next. The card reader was an internal one and has never been a problem for anything else including my EX3 file transfers, it seems to work ok transferring like this on windows xp desktop which makes me think it could be vista
  15. I have managed to replicate it too a point I basically shot on a series of cards and copied and pasted them to a folder on my Windows Vista machine... I didnt do anything crazy like cut off during recording etc just do my best to use the camera as much as possible in continuous bursts and one of the clips showed as corrupt. This has led me to believe it could be Vista doing this, my win7 netbook died 2 weeks outside of warranty a few weeks ago and was using it as a legit workaround until i could afford better seems to be most likely answer thhus far as clips still worked in camera. And when i decided the test was complete and sent the files to the recycle bin only to promptly change my mind only the .mov files were copied back not any jpegs I took to put some more strain on the card. The comp then promptly blue screened and the jpegs were never seen again... Moral of this story buy a mac, and if you cant afford one. steal a mac.
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