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  1. Our Pro8mm adapted Canon 1014 XL-S is ready for hire in the UK . We will shortly be adding details to our website, www.cinesanctuary.co.uk. If you would like more details now, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Merry Christmas Grant Bennett
  2. I'm having a Super 8 camera adapted to Max 8 framing; a part of the conversion is the fitting of a 24 or 25 FPS crystal sync. I was wondering if it is still the norm to use 25 FPS based recording systems for commercials, documentaries and music promos in the UK and the rest of Europe. I have been working as a HD feature dallies colourist for the past few years and of course those transfers were destined for US cutting rooms so I'm a little out of date with local work flows. Many thanks Grant Bennett
  3. This is a very good result for neg, its so clean! did you have to de-spot ? I use a Movie Stuff Sniper HD and the quality of the results are truly amazing. As a colourist of 20 years experience with flying spot and CCD telecine machines I was blown away with the results from a sub £10,000 bit of kit. I have transferred Super 8 on Cintel MK3, Ursa, Ursa Gold and Philips Spirit (HD) and ok the optiics will be far superior than a camcorder lens and if you make side by side comparisons you will pick up differences. its all down to how your footage is to be used and your budget.
  4. Well I finally received my two processed rolls of Wittner Konfekt (Fujichrome Velvia 100 Professional) Super 8 reversal film back from the lab. The results show that my Canon 1014 XL-S is functioning correctly. Now it is all systems go with the Max8 conversion by Pro8mm. I must admit I prefer the skin tones of the Kodak Ektachrome 100D. If anyone in the UK or the rest of Europe would like to hire this Max 8 format camera in the near future please contact me through my company Cine Sanctuary www.cinesanctuary.co.uk. Daily rate is £170 per day with discounts for weekly and weekend bookings; return shipping is not included in this price. If any bookings taken as a result of this post I will whatever donation is required to the forum. Many thanks Grant Bennett
  5. Yes, Light for your look and enhance with your colourist. Grant Bennett Colourist
  6. Hi, The uniform flat dead feel to the colour is good; I would go just very slightly more blue than green. You could raise the master gamma and pull the master black back (no crushing) to wash out the skin tone a bit. Grant Bennett Colourist
  7. I have decided to initially have my Canon 1014XL-S converted to MAX8 and start hiring this out through my transfer company Cine Sanctuary. If I find this goes well I will go ahead and purchase some more cameras. Supplied in a pelikan case with the Canon will be a lens cap, rubber lens hood, remote cable with locking release button, gate brush, Tiffin 85 filter, ND filters, Instructions, Tripod. I hope to supply reversal and negative stock packages myself; passing film to UK based contacts for processing and telecine. I would be most grateful for any ideas as to how much I should charge for the camera rental. Many thanks Grant Bennett www.cinesanctuary.co.uk
  8. "Holy Crap". Indeed! I can't wait to see some shot footage. As a colourist with over 20 years experience I know just how good S8 can look. As a 40 something who loves old stuff I must say that in its present form it looks rather soulless. It could do with a higher quality look; and needs to be very resistant to wear. Perhaps with further development a more portable version for hand held shooting could be offered. As is I think it would be difficult to use for the traditional pop promo type shooting. As a potential customer in the rental market I would be looking for an affordable price but not so cheap that everyone had a camera in the boot of their car.
  9. I'm considering adding Super-8 (MAX8) camera hire to my small format transfer company's services. The cameras would be purchased from Pro8. What I would like to know from cinematographers is what equipment they would require in a rental package. The other question is wether UK customers would require crystal sync at 24, or 25 FPS. Any thoughts and advice will be much appreciated. Grant Bennett
  10. Hi there, Your film is at the end, but flopped so wind it back onto another spool and at the same time Twist the film so when it arrives at the new reel the sprockets will be on the correct edge at the beginning of the reel. Grant www.cinesanctuary.co.uk
  11. I started my telecine colourist career in 92 at Complete video in London. At the time S16mm was just starting to get popular for music promos and any project where letterboxing was desirable. We did one series for the BBC which was shot S16mm, but framed and letterboxed half way between 1.33 and 1.66. As far as the Inspector Morse series I would imagine the early series from the 80s and 90s would have been standard 16mm. They are on tv here all the time and would have been remastered if they had been shot S16 and the framing worked.
  12. 8 mm S8 mm and 9.5 mm now transfered by capstan driven telecine. SD and HD transfers available.
  13. Hello All. I was hoping you might be able to give me details of your requirements when having newly shot S8 reversal and negative film transfered. I have worked as a professional colourist for fifteen years, and have recently started my own transfer company. I also work as a freelance colourist. For 16mm and 35mm transfers I use either a Philips Shadow or a Spirit 4K recording to standard def formats and HD CAM or HD CAM SR. Super 8, Regular 8 and 9.5mm are another matter. Presently I offer a "Domestic" service using High quality projectors , a sony vcr1 multiplexer, and video camera direct into a mac for colour-correction in Apple Color. This gives very good results (they pass my critical eye test). My future plan is to purchase a professional machine, Flash scan HD is my favourite choice. I know that a lot of film makers who shoot on small format, do with the view to going back to film after post production. So please advise me what file format you require your initial transfers to. I would also like to offer a final grading service, this could be a graded rushes type service or a grade of your cut film. Any advice from your experiences good or bad. Please take a look at my website www.cinesanctuary.co.uk Many thanks Grant Bennett
  14. Hmm worth looking into more closely Results look good though, I wish I had a S8 gate for my Spirit at work. Thanks for replys Grant
  15. Yes Flashscan can output SDI 10 bit, Thanks for reminding me about the keycode issue. many thanks Grant
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