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  1. I think David Mullen could pull the Director/DP job off. From what I've heard about Lance Acord, he pretty much carried Lost In Translation. I'm told that Coppola is a lame duck.
  2. fu** You, Bitch. A Republican hasn't balanced the budget in over 20 years. They discriminate against homosexuals and unwed mothers, fight teachers and line their pockets. We know that Bush is going to get re-elected, because the democrats haven't a clue, and the Republicans have used our own victims of terrorism to strip our civil liberties and slowly instill a new structuring of forigen policy that will further polarize our people from the rest of the world, and cut any and all ties we hold to the U.N. Bush is a warmonger, and, were the houses of government anything more than a mockery, his actions would have been overwhelmingly rejected and, for certain, he would face censure. You need to pull your heads out of your asses and understand that the republican system is nothing more than bullshit. Society is best served by methods of taxation and social policy that come from a leftist government. It is only fair that the more one makes, the more they should pay. Of course, like any sensible thinker, I am opposed to all forms and communism, and wish that that pig castro would die so that we can get some good cigars in this couintry again. Anyway, Bush, not unlike Kissinger, is a war criminal.
  3. Is the film you are thinking of The Hour of the Wolf The scene is of a camera spinning around the faces of all of the people at the table in a circular motion. Stunningly beautiful.
  4. Funny. But let's not get off the topic, guys. I thought The Village was a major letdown in terms of the actual story, but I haven't seen cinematography this mature for some time. Greatly shot, but that script was just horrible. I imagine that his name, more than anything else, was what jacked up the Box Office. I don't regret seeing the film, however.
  5. I don't own an EYEMO, but I barrowed one from a friend several years ago. I was quite bothered by the noise that it produced, but I (like everyone else, it seems) used it only for silent shots, and tricked in room tone, as well. I have a friend who had one converted some time ago, but it was a friend of his who converted it, so he did it for cost. I'm going to call him and see if he can give me a number for somebody. I'll post back in 72 hours either way.
  6. God bless him and everyone else. I'll say Kaddish for him this friday at Synagouge. I beleive it was Graham Greene who wrote, "You can't conceive, nor can I, the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God." We must have faith that Neal is in a better place, and take this tragedy as the impetus to get on with things. I'll miss talking with him, and, although I never met him in person, I feel that we as a community have suffered a true loss, and I can only offer my sympathy to his family. At least we have his films to remember him by.
  7. The design of the first part of your argument does not hold water. The average teenager is intellectually inferior. Give MTV a shot for a few hours and try to keep a straight face when you re-read your quote. I don't want to launch into a rant onto contemporary culture, but it seems quite idiotic to defend the virtue of a generation that is the very definition of apathy. They have no interest in politics, their mathematical skills are rock-bottom, they listen to that rap music (which, no one can doubt is a medium that glorifies drug use, violence against women, violence against pregnant women, distain for our fellow citizens, fast and loose ethical standards, and, my personal favorite, murdering police officers) Today, one is exiled from the community if they even display a desire to speak proper english (or french, or german, or whatever) and become a productive member of the mature community. So, the overwhelming question is, why even bother to save the little meshuganas? That a parent is not allowed to make that decision for themselves is a travesty; whether or not the parent will, that's the hard part.
  8. There is no official mechanism to rectify it. People who weren't elected, enforcing bad policy. Sound familiar?
  9. Dilettantes with parasitic tendencies. But Roger Ebert has the right idea about what needs to happen to the MPAA.
  10. Aristotelian logic is reducable to mathematical representation. You can throw Freud right out the bloody window. Mathematics is God's own hand. Also, glad to see Valenti movin' out.
  11. Up to actual penetration or contact, anything goes.
  12. From a worldview, my argument is flawed. Thank you for your bluntness.
  13. Genug. Let us begin to think about how to exact a model to rectify this matter. --- Where did you guys go to school, by the way?
  14. Religion is the crux of the problem. If we put some Marxsists on the board, they would get the job done right.
  15. Mind if I jump in? Ingmar is correct in the aspect that a parent should never be deprived to make a choice for their child unless it is physically harmful, which is where legislation concerning smoke and drink come into play, but the MPAA cannot be allowed to exercise this level of intellectual authoritarianism, and decide for real people their freedoms to move about. This is why I have always said that the MPAA be abolioshed, as it is a slap in the face to all self-respecting people. Personally, I attempted to take my 17 year old cousin to see The Dreamers, and the witch at the box office would not let him in. I was standing there like a schmuck, arguing with her about "it says 'no one under 17 admitted,' doesn't it?" And she said that it was 18, and that I am not allowed to take him to see the film. Now, understandably, I didn't want to give a bad impression to the kid, but I called up and left a very strong message on the box-office awnsering machine. They would let him see Jesus get murdered, but Eva Green's vagina is off-limits? Why? P.S: Are you Jewish, Ingmar?
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