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  1. You sound like Roger Ebert. :) Y'Know, The Dreamers went through something similar to this. The studio pigs released the uncut NC-17 DVD and a mutilated R-rated blockbuster version. But, I checked on Amazon.Com, and this is the only version available. That's plain unethical.
  2. Wow. I thought that Sopranos was 35mm all the way.
  3. My wife and I were sharing the newspaper in bed on thursday evening and we decided to watch this O'Reilly guy. This is a level of discourse not displayed by a respectable journalist. Of course, he is not a journalist. He is a commentator. Nevertheless, I think he drank the Kool-Aid. B) I like you, Pvt. Xuefei24p. You can come over to my house and F*** my sister.
  4. I wanted to refine my opinion on this film (and I had 6 hours by myself when my wife's parents blessedly kidnapped her) so I watched The Village again over the weekend. To my suprise, there were a great deal of soft shots, something I didn't vididly remember from the first screening. Overall, the second viewing did annoy me in a greater way than the first, but I went to admire the camera work, and, due to a nearly empty theatre, I took notes with a pen light. I would give the Cinematography an 8/10 I wouldn't know how one rates directions, but everyone remembered their lines so I give that a 10/10. The story (which I have read is the concern of a lawsuit over a twilight zone episode) I would give a 3/10. The concept still gets high marks.
  5. What an outstanding idea. A hundred thanks, Jonas.
  6. I also have written that bastardazation of a news site to demand they remove that foolish picture. Neal was extremely accomplished, and, quite frankly, i'd like to choke the schmuck who put that on the site. Thanks for letting us know, Xuefei
  7. A muzzle of some sort would be a great idea! Someone, please help ;)
  8. You animal. :P I paid $700 for one camera. I must start going to yard sales.
  9. Primarily, I use the EYEMO to shoot silent B-Roll. I'm working on a project now where the first 10 minutes is going to be scored with no dialouge, so it's kind of freeing to just pick up and shoot without worrying about getting the sound right, and it frees up an area that you normally wouldn't use due to noises. Great camera. If you don't mind my asking, how much are you paying for it? I wouldn't consider it a polite question, but I hate seeing people get ripped off.
  10. Damn shame. I think that pic is quite tasteless, as well.
  11. Jason, Who appointed you administrator? Your post doesn't even have a thesis to support. None of us are communists, so what is your problem? Your moral superiority sickens me. If you can't contribute something, don't drag the rest of us down to name calling and insults.
  12. If that's the case, this thread is meaningless. It was interesting, though.
  13. If religion does influence this and other political matters, then the United States is not only practicing theocratic policy, but also selective morality. In for a penny, in for a pound.
  14. I can't see any fallacies in your argument.
  15. If you beleive that, take a look at the "How to work a Lightmeter" board. They bollocked the hell out of that poor kid. He doesn't even post anymore.
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