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  1. i used a cavision follow focus once which i thought wasn't too bad, until i used an arri one and realised just how much better the quality of the build etc was, definitely worth spending the extra money on the arri. If you're looking for a mattebox i noticed this one on ebay 160392188850 (although i have no link to the seller or anything, just noticed it on one of my many afternoons browsing) seems like an OK price. I also know that the person i bought my sr2 off is selling a single sided Arri follow focus http://www.filmcamerakit.com/html/arriflex...accessories.htm some of his stuff seems a little pricey, but i've been real happy with the camera i had off him (he had the FF listed on ebay some time back for about £575) Again i have no link to this seller other than i purchased a camera off him and would recomend him as trustworthy. Whether or not it's what you're looking for is another matter. Hope that was some help, if im not allowed to link to products not being sold by me then sorry moderators please let me know for future. One last thing, the one thing i have purchased from one of the many indian companies selling film stuff on ebay was a 15mm rails support thing, using it on my beauleiu 4008 and its great for the price. woudl probably avoid anything else (follow focuses etc) thanks
  2. I would like to get down and meet some of you in person but i expect i'll be stuck in birmingham.
  3. mmmm, please change your name as per the rules of this forum, thanks (i've always wanted to say that). I haven't seen the film, but pretty sure i read somewhere that Pro 8mm scanned some super 8 film that was used in a section of it.
  4. wow, wish this was a few months ago before i got my SR2, good luck whoever gets this bargain camera. Tim, im very envious of the amazing condition your gear is all in, especially your cooke kinetal primes you are selling, are you just lucky in sourcing gear or do you do a lot of work restoring it??
  5. Thanks for that link. I'm not sure if i understood, was it suggested it requires a modification to the gate making it a permanantly digital camera??
  6. We are talking about this?? http://www.pstechnik.de/en/digitalfilm-16sr-magazine.php says 2010 for release date. I like the idea, not biased because i bought a S16 sr2 not long ago.... I'm glad that it will be compatible with all the SR models. The website says the sensor size is "close to N16" does this mean bigger or smaller??? i imagine if it was just the regular 16 area alot of SR1s and 2 that are R16 will suddenly be a bit more saught after, and maybe rental companies will be more interested in investing in a mag or two. i suppose at the end of the day everything will depend on the price of the digital mag and the quality of the picture it attains. There was also another thread somewhere about a digital mag for the XTR, it was mentioned that all the film mechanism parts of the camera body that wouldn't be needed for the digi magazine to be working but would still be constantly working whenever the camera was on so would add more wear and tear, I don't know much about this really, i guess not having tension from the film moving through the camera and the possibly faster speed used for shooting digital stuff could be a problem??? I like the idea though, especially if it was something i could rent out to shoot digital rather than having to own a digital camera that will just go out of date, it would definitely make me consider investing in some good glass myself in the future instead of just my lonely zoom lens. Also would mean i could use all the accessories i already use on the SR. In a sort of unrelated note i watched behind the scenes of "merlin" a british Tv show, and was suprised to see they were shooting on an SR3, made me feel a little bit of happiness.
  7. there was a modified 4008 on ebay a few weeks ago priced at £2500, which does seem ridiculous to me (it didn't sell), could easily go 16mm for that like matthew says.
  8. The base of my NPR's motor had a slight taper so appeared to be bigger than the standard 3/8. As everyone has said, make sure your tripod is able to take the weight/ or look around for something that can. Its a heavy camera to balance, if your stuck for cash some of the old wooden legs can be picked up pretty cheap, but if your going to be using it alot a solid tripod and head will be a good investment in the long run. Stephen.
  9. Stephen Smith

    SR2 time laps

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone knew anything about this time lapse unit on ebay... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/THE-SHUTTER-for-Arri...id=p3286.c0.m14 Wondering if it would be possible to use on the SR2, (the seller says it is), but would the single frame kit needed for the cinematography electronics intervalometer be required? http://www.cinematographyelectronics.com/index_gallery.html Obviously it isn't as good looking as the cinematography electronics unit, but at the price its on ebay for it looks like a very cheap way to do some time laps, that is if i can find the right cables. Any info/knowlege would be great Thanks Stephen Smith
  10. i would say 120450022861 is definitely the better of the two. It has the alcan motor and the angeniuex orientable viewfinder. I would say the downsides of it are the lens mounts. Is the lens with it going to be suitable for what you want? I would also say it seems a little expensive, although im guessing thats because the video tap is with it, maybe able to pick up an acl or aaton ltr or something similar for that price? although i'm not sure what the camera market is like in the states at the moment. im sure alot of people on here have much better input on this subject than me.
  11. Make sure the loop is exactly 12 frames, i had alot of problems forming the loop when i first got my npr, there was a very helpful video of how to load it online but i cant seem to find it, think it's been removed.
  12. I'd send it back personally. It's quite dishonest of the seller to not show the poor conversion job in his auction photos. It doesn't look like the lens mounts have been modified, it is normally quite obvious that they are out of alignment. Have you ran some unexposed film through the camera to see if the gate scratches??? It's a shame people can't leave these things alone if they're going to do such a bad job and aren't experienced with hand tools.
  13. very good price, Shame it isn't one with a C mount as well, i'm not sure how many lenses there are in Ca mount that cover s16? thsi must be quite an early S16 conversion to have to CA mounts???? anyone have any idea?
  14. Hi, No my stuff isn't the Rivington film stuff, i have no association with them. Sadly my parents decided to give me the most common English name, not a great start for a budding cinematographer... I'm still really unsure of what to take, i suppose its better to have too much and not using any of it than not having anything at all.
  15. Hi, good news on getting through to the workshop. Did you fly over for the interview or was it conducted by phone?? I've also got down to the last 16 and was coming to post on here pretty much the same question. I'm not sure at all what the workshop involves or even what kit to take with me, if any. Morgan Peline who is a forum member graduated from the cinematography course there so maybe he will be able to shed some light on it for us. Anyway good luck with it and i guess i will see you there. Stephen
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