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  1. Hello all, I am prepping a concert shoot for this April 15th in Cleveland and need some extra operators. These four shooters will be going "free style" in the crowd with 5D's- from the pit to the nose bleeds. Production does not want to fly in anybody so you need to be Cleveland (or close to) based. If you have skills and are available send an email to martin@saft.no with your info and a link to footage that you have shot. All the best, Martin
  2. As a film student when you hear somebody like Wally Pfister, ASC say that 35mm film is still better than video you feel that its just kodak getting desperate? You should really be paying more attention. Regards, M
  3. Yes, because that passport looks very real. Good luck! M
  4. 250w seems rather high to be a practical which is in shot. You may want to have a dimmer along with you so that you can adjust when you see just how bright that is in the frame. Good luck. M
  5. Producers will also be reluctant to hire you if you do not qualify for their tax credits - you filed tax as a resident the year prior to work starting. M
  6. "Like collecting stamps. I collected beautiful women... Photographically of course." Cant wait to see it. M
  7. Only if you manage to turn little RedOne and Alexa into tennis pros. Then you're in business! M
  8. Saul, According to the Stargate Studios promo "...it sees beyond what you can see with your eyes." This is not only going to revolutionize film making but vision as well. Peace out! M
  9. Interesting question and interesting thread. I´ve referenced Jeff Wall for projects. His pictures often express something more- just beyond the edge of frame which give a feeling or emotional response of story - which has been going on before and after the still frame. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Wall All the best, Martin
  10. Hi Bobby, Any chance of you posting stills from the side by side test? Sounds like a nice gig. Now you'll just have to giver! All the best, Martin
  11. Looks very nice. Interesting thread on the Steadicam forum about flying that camera: http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=10741 All the best, M
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