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  1. Let's take it easy on our friend, matt. This is not a matter of retail outlets offering their own version of the film. I checked it out, and this is the only version for sale. It's a different matter.
  2. Yeah, I'll say that if I'm going to call anyone an a**ho**, Tim isn't even on the list. We don't thank him enough.
  3. We're not allowed to have a rational discussion on this website because eventually some fascist hawk has to chime in with the ballad of the common man. This situation nonetheless angers me, and I am saddened by such disrespect for an artist's work. I cannot see how anyone can honestly justify preventing one from bringing their child to see a film. This is just as bad. I'm a proud conservative who opposes all forms of censorship. All real conservatives are rather against any forms of it. people have got to get that correct.
  4. The Sopranos is S16? Are you kidding me?
  5. All the elements of this film seemed to be in perfect harmony, but the cinematography, the selection of the stocks and the framing of the composition did distract me sometimes, but that happens to everyone who works in a technical aspect. Shot in 16mm, it would have been just incorrect. What was the budget? I was shocked that Del Toro didn't win the oscar.
  6. LOL, Ingmar. Got to love that Bill O'Reilly. He's like John Wayne, if John Wayne were a psychotic right-wing hawk and repressed homosexual. Well, one out of two ain't bad. Back on the topic, I hadn't realized that The Village had earned so much. I think it deserves to, although the film did have very recognizable plot-holes.
  7. Maybe Landon is EddieFruchter? True, it is best to know what one is talking about. One might suggest our dear friend type slower, with deference to clarity and, gasp....correct spelling.
  8. Damn, that was a funny film. It's very odd to think that Bergman made Cries and Whispers for the same price. Can't wait for the sequel.
  9. Filmstock is like prescription drugs: Inflated price due to R&D, but, eventually, a higher quality at a lower price. There has yet to exist a generic alternative, so, save the dubious business of selecting from pre-sold stocks, there is no deference to price-breaks. It is possible for Kodak or Fuji to sell a good stock at a heavily discounted price, but, alas, there would be no point. See, the price fresh Kodak has turned me into a film-stock socialist.
  10. My daughter watches Gilmore Girls, and it looks very good for S16. Are you certain?
  11. I, too, watched this film again, and I was still completely taken by those handheld shots, most notably the aformentioned address that Hurt delivers to the elders. I have to respectfully disagree with Matt.
  12. In terms of overall production and subsequent critical approval on both accounts, is it not possible to choose between these two Auteurs. Perhaps we extend the question to cover cinematography, as well?
  13. Of the versions I have seen over various regions, as I recall the Region 4 looked the best, and the american DVD's do look like Bootlegs, don' they? Should you want to check out the best version of Twin Peaks- and I mean the entire series with the Pilot included- then get your hands on the Spanish Box Set. It has loads of special features and better quality than the american stuff, so far. I got mine for $85 from EBAY.
  14. I find Nykvist to be the greatest living Cinematographer. Willis is second. To address the matter of Willis claming the title of Auteur, I consider that to be a correct assumption. His work, as the works of all great cinematographers had, revolved around an iconoclast director whose work was strengthened by a concise visual style. Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters is a masterpeice because Di Palma knew how to work the magic of an urban setting. He also knew to paint the grass yellow when Antonioni made the progressives look as formalists do. To watch Coppola's films before Willis is to see a noisy image, later refined and quieted by Willis, and serving of the drama. One would, in the most respectful and historical sense, call cinematographers Co-Auteurs.
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