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  1. The new Magic Bullet Looks has a "shutter streak" preset that is pretty close to the effect.
  2. Everything looks great. It's nice to be able to see them at a decent size. It didn't take long with DSL. You might want to move the "Next Page" link up at the bottom of the first Commercials page, so it's as visible as it is on the second page.
  3. Andy, What were the shots of the guy with the cellphone shot on?
  4. Looks good as usual Christophe ;) . You should try a larger version though. I always love your Demos, but they're always so small.
  5. For anyone interested, I found this article about the beginning and end sequences of the movie: http://www.vfxtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9466
  6. Finally got to see it last night. The whole thing was amazing. I thought it was just as beautiful as "Northfork". They're just two completely different movies with two different temperatures. I know you've posted about the setup for the gymnasium scene, but what did you specifically do to get the diffusion look for the glass of water and pitcher for that scene? Was it intentional? Also, did you shoot the shopping cart in the parking lot of the supermarket? My girlfriend and I literally laughed out loud when it came on screen. It was so simple, humourous, and nice looking.
  7. Flipping through the channels today, I caught a story on Astronaut Farmer on Univision. There was footage from the movie, an interview with Billy Bob Thornton, and footage from on set. The on set footage showed David Mullen ASC sitting watching a couple monitors.
  8. Dan, You can find names of DP's, crew and production information at www.mvdbase.com A music video sub-forum might not be a bad idea though.
  9. My apologies, I didn't mean to make it sound that bad. I realized what a terrible description it was and wasn't able to edit my post.
  10. No offense to anyone involved with the first season, but the backyard was a big problem. It was very "Brady Bunch " looking. It wasn't as bad when the camera stayed there or for the night shots, but there were a lot of daytime cuts that went between the frontyard and street to the backyard.
  11. Brian, I'd like to see the 200d ektachrome when your done- if you are able to post it.
  12. In regard to the "painterly frame", do you find it hard to maintain that standard throughout a shoot. I rewatched Northfork last night, and every cut in the movie is painterly, and it doesn't let up through the movie. It made me wonder if there are often shots that are cut or reshot, not because they are bad, but because they are not as majestic as the rest.
  13. I wanted to ask this myself, but didn't want to be the one who asked it ;) . I thought the same thing when I was watching Epert & Roper- maybe not to the extent of "little to do with" the Polish Bros., but definately a shared vision that is not often credited.
  14. If you were to open the trailer up with some of the visual effects or even the shot of the truck, it would help. Establish the scene and some production value before you introduce the shots of the soldiers by themselves.
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