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  1. It was Anamorphic using Cooke lenses and it was an Italian company.
  2. Just let to let everyone know all of these new Kodak Labs will only be processing colour neg .
  3. The technical reason for the "gritty look" is mostly because the 16mm Easman Colour 7254 used was quite grainy compared to the studio video camera used on the interiors . If you watched a BBC single camera drama it was not so noticeable as there was no inter-cutting between formats.
  4. I also apologize Tyler . Learnt something today .
  5. Who do you know at Cinelab London ?
  6. Funny James I didn't see see grain in those scenes . Maybe because I am getting old !
  7. Rob Hardy BSC does a fantastic job on this . Film and Panavision Cinelab London processing . A good romp full of great stunts . A bit to long but good entertainment to be seen on a large screen. .
  8. Hence why in the past I always over exposed the neg .I hate the look of a thin neg .
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