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  1. I bought this recently for my WWII Arriflex 35, as they are in similar condition. However the lens protrudes too much at the back, and would foul the mirror shutter. The glass is very good, no fungus, or scratches that I can see. But the front ring has many signs of use, see pictures. A few tiny screws seem to be missing on close inspection. Focus is smooth, and f stops click well. I would have been happy with it if it had fitted my camera. I believe it must be for a 16mm Arriflex with a standard mount. Non original back and front caps included. $175 plus shipping from the U.K. PayPal.
  2. Good price, after a bit of brinksmanship. It was listed as a IIB !
  3. If only this camera could speak, what stories it would have. It look like it’s been through the war!
  4. Thanks for all your help. I don’t see a number inside the door. It didn’t come with any lenses. I had that Telestigmar left over from my last 2b, about twenty years ago.
  5. Here’s a selection. Note slide underneath for shutting viewfinder.
  6. On the front of the body Dom. I bought it on eBay, listed as a 2b. Very interesting blog.
  7. When was an Arriflex 2b with serial number 1341 made ? Brass viewfinder and slider switch underneath to close of rear light entry. Also small hood.
  8. The one in the camera I’ve just bought has a series of vertical lines.
  9. I thought it’s rear end was sticking out a lot. Thanks for the quick reply Dom.
  10. Will this be ok on my newly acquired Arriflex 35 IIb.
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