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  1. I would say it all depends on what you're doing. I have several different types of demo reels designed for different clients. Here's one ofmy reels: http://www.hdx900crew.com/osprey_hd_demo
  2. We just posted more scene file on our site. Feel free to download them if you think that they will work for you. It would be nice to see some other people share their settings as well. We'll all do better sharing these file rather than keeping them private. http://www.hdx900crew.com/hdx900_settings Lee Dashiell
  3. We have been working on some new scene files for the HDX900 and finally posted them on our site. You can download any or all of them for free. There is a description of each but it is reccomended that you take a good look at each one before you use them for a client. http://www.hdx900crew.com/hdx900_settings
  4. Here is a Warm Rich scene file for the HDX900. Just copy and paste to a SD card and load into your HDX 900. Here are a few HDX900 Scene files if you don't have any. Just copy and paste onto a SD card and load them onto your HDX900. They will not work with any other camera. Enjoy!! SCENE_F8.TXT SCENE_F6.TXT SCENE_F5.TXT
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    We just added one of these HDX900 cameras to our package. If I can help with any specific test, just let me know. Is it just me....or did the east coast go more Panasonic and the west coast go Sony? It seems like everything in our region is heavy on the Panasonic side.
  6. Thanks for the welcome.....I didn't want to highjack the Varicam thread, but there didn't seem to be a home for the HDX900. We've had cameras going in different directions for the last few weeks so we have yet to do any side by side comparisons, however the HDX900 looks fantastic. The day we received it was the first time I had it in my hand so I wasn't sure what to expect. I used it on a shoot last week and certainly didn't have any complaints. It does use the medium sized tapes and shoots 33 minutes on a 66 min tape. One small thing I did appreciate was a selectable output that delivered SD composite out rather than all HDSDI. I was able to pop the HDX on a CamMate Crane and use the standard def field monitor without switching to a HD monitor. I was the only person looking at the crane monitor and it was mearly a reference so it didn't bother me. It just made it easier. I think that the pricepoint vs. over all value is excellent. We've been using a HJ-11 Canon wide angle lens with the HDX900 and it seems to be a great package. I haven't even recorded anything in 1080i. We did create some warm rich film setups that I'll share.
  7. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and thought that I would chime in. We just took possession of our new Panasonic HDX900 and I would be gald to share any info we have with it. Will there be a Subtopic for HDX900 or should we post this info here in the Varicam section? We are currently working on several set-up settings for the HDX900 that we will be gald to share if anyone is interested.
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