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  1. Hey guys, I am looking at selling my set of Schneider Xenon FF lenses with imperial markings and Pl mount. I've had them since June 2014 and love them, but need to liquidate because my lens needs have changed. There are some small scuffs here and there from being used in a production environment, but otherwise look practically new. Asking $10,000 ($12,000 new). Will throw in ground shipping in the US.
  2. Hey guys, looking for suggestions for Grip Trucks (needing a 3-ton) in the Orange County CA area for a two day shoot this October. I found some online, but wanted to see if anyone had worked with a certain company before and had an opinion on liked or should avoid. Thanks, Matthew
  3. The problem is not getting the people to look good, especially if you are going for "Golden Hour" but to have enough light to get the background to match what you've got on the people. Honestly, a 1.8k is great on a cloudy day for some stuff, but outside with the sun it's worthless unless you are fairly close and don't you diffusion-which then normally looks bad.
  4. Hey guys, I have a like new Schneider 4 x 5.65" MPTV Platinum IRND 1.2 Filter for sale. Asking $275 plus actual cost for USPS Priority mail flat rate ($5.25) + insurance (if you want insurance) matthew the-at-symbol macvilleproductions.com
  5. I've owned a set for almost 5 years now and for the price they were impossible to beat-It's a different story now (but everything changes with time, right?) I would agree that the flare is not all that great. I don't think they are bland, just very neutral. The witness marks are dead on if the camera is backfocused correctly, but on digital, witness marks are less useful since it doesn't have the leeway that film has. No, the 18mm doesn't clear anything with a physical shutter. It sticks out quite a bit.
  6. That's what I would rather do, but I think I would somehow have to clean out all the grease that is left and I am not sure how to do it well without a crap load of tear down of the lights.
  7. Hey, does anyone know what kind of grease to use on a Fresnel's worm gear? I have some Desisti's and a Baby that could use a little grease for smoother focusing, but wasn't sure if I can use something like a Lithium grease or what. Thanks, Matthew
  8. Hey guys, I am looking for either a gaffer or key grip for a lower budget shoot (series of short films) that I am doing in Atlanta from Feb 26 to March 5/6 (7 or 8 days total). Really am looking for either position as my current gaffer is talented and happy to be in either department. It is lower budget, so the rate is $350/12 hours with no overtime (we hardly have ever gone into overtime as neither the director or I like working longer than that.) Yeah, the rate isn't that great, but it's work if someone is not busy. It's also a reoccurring job as I have shot 20 of these short films over the past 3 years and there is plans to shoot another 7-8 days at least, later this year. Really would love to find someone that I can connect with down there and use for all the shoots I do in Atlanta. The shoot will be done on the Epic with a 2-ton grip and lighting package. If you are local to Atlanta and interested, or know someone who might be a good fit, please email me at m at mrdop dot com or call me at 865-207-9704. I can also send a trailer to the last one of these I shot (which this project is actually a sequel to) if you'd like to see the production quality we've been doing. Thanks, Matthew
  9. So I bought a used HMI off ebay and noticed that on the used lamp that came with it, all the clay/cement/whatever it's called that packs in around the top of the ceramic part where the glass meets the ceramic is gone. Therefore, the lamp is wiggling and, I would guess, could cause the lamp to fail prematurely (lamp doesn't look like it's been run more than 20 hours otherwise that I can tell.) Does anyone know what that stuff is? Where I can buy it? Or a good substitute if it's not reasonably inexpensive/easy to get? Thanks, Matthew
  10. Hey guys, I did a shoot a couple of weeks ago that was on white cyc that when I got the footage into post, the image was quite washed out from what looks like flare. All I can guess is that white cyc was either so bright it flared the lens, or another light hit the lens (which I am pretty sure didn't happen due to my key and fill placement.) It was shot on an Epic-X with 2 Kino Image 80's lighting the wall part of the cyc and 2 650 fresnel's lighting up the floor. Does anyone know any way to light a cyc so you can get nice bright white without bouncing so much into the lens that it flares? Is it just the matter of putting flags on the edge of frame to try and cut some of the light that might be hitting the lens? Or is it more about evening out lighting levels between the cyc and the talent?
  11. I am looking to buy 2, 4 bank Kino Flo Divas. Looking for units that are in decent condition and have not been abused. Matthew
  12. For some reason I was under the impression you could also use water with a couple of drops of soap in it (soap helps with the surface tension.) Does anyone know how well flat, clear soda sticks gel? Would it be strong enough to keep gel on a car that's on a process trailer? And are there anythings to worry about if the gel is close (like a side car window) to an actor's face...such as imperfections in the gel, how well you applied it, residue from the soda, etc.
  13. Umm I may have written my question poorly if I understand your response. I was wondering more about the quality difference between, let's say full grid and 216, or 1/2 grid and 250. I know the differences between 216, 250, and 251, just not sure how they compare when you match the gel's diffusion quality to the grid's diffusion quality.
  14. So I was wondering if anyone knew the quality difference, if any, between gels like 216, 250, & 251 and "cloth" full grid, 1/2 grid, and 1/4 grid? Instead of spending a fortune on gels, I was thinking of getting 4x4 grid cloth which would be far more flexible in use than gels considering how I normally use diffusion. Just was wondering if there was a noticeable visual quality difference in the softness it produces.
  15. Whoever told you that either hadn't used them or was actually referring to the original 18-50 zoom. The RPP's are extremely well made. The feel of the lenses in general are top notch and so are the mechanics-very smooth and with the right amount of dampening in the focus. Optically in sharpness they are somewhere between Ultra and Master primes according to resolution tests. They are much faster than anything else in their price range (the CP2's 18mm is a T3.6 and the 28 in that set is the first lens going up that starts at T2.1.) The bad things about them are... They are huge lenses. The 50, 85, & 100 aren't so bad, but the 18, 25, & 35 are rather big lenses (if you are used to lenses like Standard or Super speeds.) Of course, often I like that because the mattebox and follow focus aren't jammed within microns of each other (or don't simply fit with some lenses.) But because they are big, they are heavy. The 50-10 range is 4.25-4.5 lbs and the 18-35 is 6-6.5 lbs a piece. So yeah, handheld kinda sucks because a rig can get very front heavy with the lens, matte box, follow focus, etc (can we say easy rig???) And lastly, the focus marks suck. There aren't that many of them, they can be slightly off, and the marks themselves are kinda wide. But if that's an issue Duclos lenses offers a service to remark the lenses with more, accurate marks. So really the only advantage I see in the Cp2's is size. Otherwise if you are buying a set, you are paying for 2 odd MM lenses (21 and 28), not getting a 100mm (which I find to be useful), and getting 3 lenses that are slower T-Stops. Let's put it this way. I've had a set of RPP's since Septemeber 2009 and I haven't one client complain about them. Yes, they have all said, "wow those are big" when I pulled them out. But once they play with them, seeing how smooth they feel and great they look, they are sold.
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