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  1. Selling Yaeger senior cart, RBQ, Mitchell Mount, tripod hooks, high and low hat mount, and large troff. Asking for $1800. Currently at Santa Clarita Studios in LA. Text me if your interested (310) 854-2717
  2. James Rydings

    Codex vs OB1

    What are the main differences between these two recorders? Has someone done a comparison between the two?
  3. Does anyone know of a way to power a single channel preston hand unit using an AC adapter? My thought is some kind of consumer video camera using the same Lithium Sony batteries, that powers through the same battery connection in the 7-8 volt range would do the trick.
  4. Do they have anything in the longer range to cover the 28-76 Optimo?
  5. What alternatives are there for lightweight zooms other than the Optimo's? My DP thinks they flare and loose contrast too easily and wants some alternative options.
  6. Does anyone have an example of a film shot in s16, framed for 2.40:1, then cropped and blown up to 35mm with a DI?
  7. I know its probably a little late but I came across this same issue last week. If your using a FIZ 2 hand unit then you will have to create duplicate marking disks for each lens. One for when your wide open (Blue mark), and one for deeper stops (Yellow mark). If your using a FIZ 3 however its much easier. With the FIZ 3, after the motor has calibrated you then tell it where infinity is, and then it lines up all the marks from that (given you have correctly added/calibrated each lens at the prep). Depending on the stop, simply line the Infinity mark either to the yellow or blue mark, depending on your stop, and then all the other focus marks will line up to that same mark. I also discovered that the focus mark will shift between the blue and yellow mark depending on your stop. For example say if your stop is 2/2.8 split, your focus mark will be in between the yellow and blue marks. With a FIZ 3 this is easy to adjust, simply set your infinity mark in between those two marks. As Chaz mentioned on a FIZ 2 you can move the mitnes mark on your preston (with some tape) to line up with the appropriate mark.
  8. I though that was the case. Is it the same issue with S4's and Ultra Prime?
  9. Will master primes fit on an SR3 without hitting the viewfinder optics?
  10. Does anyone know where I could buy a replacement antenna for a Preston Hand unit 2? I think the antenna on a Bartec, and on a Cine Tape iLink would also work on a Preston. I imagine I could buy it directly from Preston, but Im wondering if there is somewhere else I could get it, probably for a lot cheaper.
  11. What are the advantages and disadvantages between the Millenium XL and Arri LT, and which camera system do you prefer?
  12. I'm looking for a senior yeager cart. james@jamesrydings.com
  13. Looking for a second hand Cine Tape. Please email me if you know of anyone thats selling one. james at jamesrydings dot com
  14. What small portable TV's do you recommends for using with a Preston. The one I'm using at the moment doesn't allow me to select chanels (so it researches everytime I turn it on) and it goes through batteries really fast.
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