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  1. Thank you for the information. I am using my last rolls of Fuji R25N right now, too, but will have to go without the sync sound. I have two Sony WMD6, one with Gebühr sync cable to DIN, but not to the ZC 1000 type of socket. I heard developing Fujichrome will end this fall. Lets CINEcerely hope other stocks will be available in singel 8 cassettes. /Stig
  2. Thanks for your answer, Ignacio. Then there is little hope but to look for it on ebay. I tried to contact Retro 8 recently for developing but Retro8 does not answer e-mail, and I've tried to phone them a few times but no answer. (Are they still in business?) I got excellent help through Fuji Europe, in Gremany instead. I think I will ask them. I still don´t see where to connect the cable on the standard Sony, unless it is remodeled for external sync like the one by Gebuhr. ( Then we have two odd contacts, who said it should be easy? :-o
  3. Hi Ignacio Very nice quality, but I wish I could have seen a reversal copy on one of your Super 8 projectors. What is an FTS cord and how do you connect this so that it runs the Sony Walkman?
  4. [sorry to say my experience with two old K40 sound film in 200' mag developed by Kodak in Switzerland are very poor contrast, one color pale red only. Films expired late 80's and early 90's. Sound with Elmo 1012 perfect, with Beaulieu 6008 S terribly bad, stuttering and lots of camera noice.
  5. Hi, anyone out there who knows how to adjust the Xenon lamp of a Elmo GS 1200. Mine has a misalignment rendering a darker right side of the screen. There are no repiar people in Sweden where I live and it would be to costly to send it abroad. (The present Elmo representative had no idea Elmo ever made a Xenon super 8 projector)
  6. Being a camera collector I have tried several. A camera needs to be reliable, easy to use and not too bulky to carry around. Nikon R10 is way too heavy, only suitable for tripod shooting. I might be unlucky but the Beaulieu 6008 seems useless as soundcamera, its noicy and the batteries runs down quickly so film speed gets inaccurate. Works much better as a silent film camera but unneccesaily large. The 5008 gives a nice metal feeling but i haven't used one. Canons 1014, both the silent and the sound versions are true beauties, and reliable. When travelling though I'll bring my Canon 310 XLS and/or Eumig nautica. Both gives very nice quality pictures at their pricerange. Design by Agfa, the Movexoom 4000 looks like a shotgun in Star Wars! , and the Bolex mentioned above is an oddity, but nice. Slim design is to be found on the Agfa Movexoom 10 and all Nizos, very nice cameras to handle. Finally the gem to just look at is the Minolta D10 in red velvet lined case, with the add ons beside, wow!!! /Stig!
  7. I find my Nizos to be the most quiet cameras ever built 4056,4080,6080. They have sharp lenses, and all 60XX series take 200ft, whatever that is good for now. Be careful about non working lightmeters though!! I don't know about the crystal sync for anyone but the Beaulieu. Beaulieu 6008 takes 200ft, but is NOT very quiet. /Stig
  8. These cameras are full of tricks and manual override but the lens is not the sharpest. I've not tested any Pacific 200/12XL only the200/8XL.
  9. The Elmo 1012S-XL is pretty much self instructive, basically made to shoot sceenes without effects other than fade. No slo-mo. Save your bucks. The only thing thats a bit strange is the wheel for on off batt and T. The T mark means on when the handle is folded for use on a tripod. My camera was tested this summer with a 200 feet magazine and the motor runs impressively smooth, much better than the extremely battery sensitive Beaulieus. Although a bit plastic it's very nice camera to handle. Filter diameter is 62 mm not 60
  10. Besides the lens and the lap dissolve the 1014 also have the cool mirrored End warning in the viewfinder, blinking the last 10 seconds and stable as the film reaches the end. These are some of the most reliable Super 8 cameras around, and the angled boom mike makes a superb handle, easy to carry around. Internal lightmeter gives a slightly brighter image than comparable Nizo or Beaulieu cameras. The focus funktion is one of the most accurate and easy to use on any Super I've ever seen. The optical quality of the lens is good but not like the best Nizos Schneider K, or Beaulieus and Bauer 715's Angenieux 6-90. Greetings Stig
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