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  1. Hi: NEW KODAK EKTACHROME 7294 FULL TEST vs OLD EKTACHROME vs FUJIFILM VELVIA vs FUJIFILM PROVIA. THIS FILM IS NARRATED IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH ESTA PELÍCULA ESTÁ NARRADA EN ESPAÑOL E INGLÉS. The totally new Kodak Ektachrome 100D 7294 is the ideal motion film for nature cinematography, documentaries, musical clips, telecine transfers for 4K UHD television, film schools, direct film projection o film archive. Ektachrome 7294 is the first reversal colour film developed with 21st century technology: 1) superb latitude, of 3 stops, 2) fine grain, 3) natural colours , 4) accurate skin reproduction, 5) moderately enhanced colour saturation, 6) exceptional sharpness, 7) low fade colours, for archive. In “Ferrol 7294” you can watch the new Ektachrome 7294 in several situations: 1) shadows and highlights, 2) interior, opening at f 1.0, 3) confronted to Fujifilm Velvia 100, 4) confronted to Fujifilm Provia 100, 5) confronted to old Ektachrome 7285, 6) new Ektachrome sub expose half stop, 7) new Ektachrome over expose half stop, 8) new Ektachrome exposed at 200 ASA and push processing one stop, 9) new Ektachrome exposed at 400 ASA and pull processing two stops Link:
  2. Today, Saturday, Ektachrome Super-8 is in the Spanish newspapers. Inside, link also to a Super8 Ektachrome 1-minute trailer of my documentarie FERROL 7294, shoot last august: https://mimundoensuper-8.blogspot.com/2018/09/la-prensa-generalista-espanola-saluda.html
  3. THE NEW SUPER8 KODAK EKTACHROME 7294, TODAY IN THE NEWSPAPER OF FERROL, AN IMPORTANT CITY IN NW OF SPAIN. Inside of the link to my blog (in Spanish, but automatic translation), you will find: 1) a link to the 1-minute trailer of my documentary "Ferrol 7294" shot last august with the new Ektachrome 7294; 2) the link to digital version fo the article published today in the newspaper of the city; and 3) photograph of the article in the paper edition. Kodak Alaris has a winner film, with the new Ektachrome!, and us, the filmmakers, too. https://mimundoensuper-8.blogspot.com/2018/09/la-prensa-generalista-espanola-saluda.html
  4. Some days ago, in LA CORUÑA GLOBAL SUPER 8 DAY, in Spain, this masterpiece was projected on big screen with a Elmo Gs1200 Xenon pojector with a big sucess: congratulations, Marc!
  5. DS8 can be run with all the 16 mm wide in 3.1 format with my Bolex camera, built by a very well know Canadian specialist
  6. Hi: This short documentary was shot with the Fuji ZC1000 using cartridges loaded with Ektachrome 100D. Indoors of Church was exposed a 400 with push processing. Magnetics stripes were added and sync sound recorded. Camera was the Fuji ZC1000 (link to a Sony cassette recorder for stereo sound), with this lenses: Fujinon 1.8 7.5-75 mm, Fujinon 1.8 5.5 mm and Pentax 1.0 8-48 mm Thanks for watching. CINEcerely, Ignacio Benedeti Corzo vimeo.com/102304969
  7. Hi: if I shot with negative, the sync is made with the computer very fast. If I shot with reversal, with magnetic stripes, I transfer the sound to the tracks using the variable speed of the projector and starting again each few takes: a very slow process. CINEcerely, Ignacio
  8. Dear Immanuel, many thanks. Yes, I use a daylight 85 type filter made by BW. Reload of Single-8 cartridges is easy. CINEcerely, Ignacio
  9. Thanks for your kind valoration, dear Anthony. Fumeo telecinemas (except the 9131) always do beautiful old fashioned rounded borders. You can obtain the same effect if you use a Braun Visacustic 2000 or a Beaulieu Studio as a telecine unit. CINEcerely, Ignacio
  10. Hi: this is a musical film shooted with my friend Marc for the Spaniard band "Pleasant Dreams", using super-8 Kodak Vision 500 film loaded in Single-8 cartridges, using the Fuji ZC1000 camera with several lenses, and some time lapse and long exposure shots. Thanks for watching. CINEcerely, Ignacio http://vimeo.com/90063414
  11. Dear JL: a beautiful film stock for a very pretty girls! Nice telecine and postproduction, too. A pleasure to watch. Congratulations! CINEcerely, Ignacio
  12. Fantastic musical clip in amazing 2.8:1 format!!!
  13. Hi: yes, Aviphot has less grain and a bit more latitude exposed at 100 ASA and with 1 stop pull processing. Of course, this stock is very grainy but no more than the old Ektachrome 160, Agfachrome160 or Fujichrome RT200N. In my opinion, is a good film for manual editig and telecine: so, very good for some projects, with both worlds in your hands. Colour palette is interesting for some shooting, as this one, a medieval market. Also, I like the very cheap price of Aviphot if you buy it in 72 mts spools to reload Single-8 cartridges. The Aviphot is coated on a poliester base, another strong point thinking in archive purposes of special events as weddings, Christining, etc. CINEcerely, Ignacio
  14. Hi: my test of the very cheap AGFA Aviphot loaded in Single-8 cartridges using the Fuji ZC1000. First half is exposed at 100 ASA with 1 stop pull processinG to get less grain. Second half, at 200 ASA. Spanish sound track only: I'm sorry.
  15. Hi: this Single-8 short movie tells the story of the cruise vessel LEONID BREZHNEV and its relationship with the British JOHN WRIGHT'S MOVIE GROUP led by Jonh with the support of MOVIE MAKER magazine, directed by Tony Rose. Narration both in English and Spanish. Thanks for watching. CINEcerely, Ignacio
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