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  1. Look to the right upper part of the page. Steadicamforum.com Yes there are workshops. Try tiffen.com/www.steadicam-ops.com Good Luck, Todd Ferguson.
  2. Good advice the rollers are important and people forget, But I would not slap the mag to release the roller ever. It will end up on the film and roll along the whole thing. You need to get it right before shooting it because of noise, vibration, scratches, emulsion build up etc. Check the take up while you still have the door open before taping or handing off. Check everything every time. Why risk it? Todd Ferguson.
  3. Call up or contact grip and lighting company's and ask what they have used for sale. The closer to you the better for shipping cost's. Sometimes they want to get rid of something and have not listed it yet. Good luck, Todd F.
  4. A hockey promo I worked on made a plywood platform with rails on top of hockey pucks. It was pushed by grips and production had velcro strap on spikes for our shoes. It worked out very well. Todd Ferguson.
  5. There is an adapter from JVC that goes right in the camera lens mount (like a bayonet) and goes to PL. That will also let you use film accessories like an arri or chrosziel follow focus etc. The set up I've seen had 16mm zeiss primes up. I'm not sure who rent's this but for that camera I think it's the way to go. Try Birns and Sawyer in LA. They do have the lenses. Good luck, Todd Ferguson.
  6. There is a forum, it is called the SteadicamForum.com It is dedicated to steadicam. Todd Ferguson.
  7. Filmtools.com has a crank for $80.00. I take mine on every job. Todd Ferguson.
  8. Worshop in Rockport Maine. Website: theworkshops.com They have many workshops to choose from. I did a workshop in 96' and it was a good experience. Good luck, Todd Ferguson.
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