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  1. An XTR in very good shape and a good set of Zeiss S 16 primes + a 12-120 zoom. Ending very soon though.
  2. Will the 16mm versions of the Super Speeds work on the Varicam with the adaptor or only the 35mm versions? They are T1.3, PL mount. thanks.
  3. Aaton XTR with short and long eyepieces, one 400' mag, two batteries, Serious gear mini rods adaptor, hand grip, charger, case, PL mount. Good condition, bought from AbelCine and maintained exclusively by them. Latest version of software for this camera. Located in LA. $19,000 email: catorce@comcast.net if interested
  4. I have two little kids so the DVD player is all I can get to. I watched "Harold and Maude" the other day by Hal Ashby and thought- "This is the best movie of the year!". I did manage to get to Mona Lisa Smile. Julia Roberts owes me $9...
  5. I had an LTR 54 jam repeatedly on me in cold weather using Ilford B+W film. It seems that the Ilford is not compatible with the older Aaton mags...
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