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  1. I don't know of a place online to print them, perhaps someone else can help you there. You can usually get them at the lab you'll be working with, wouldn't hurt to try there first. You will be doing a lot of paperwork, so be ready for that. Be organized! and anticipate the needs of the camera crew. Thats very valuable. The slate will need to be jammed every so often, but the sound guy is responsible for this. He'll take care of that for you. When you clap it, be sure to hold it still for about a beat or so to make sure that when the timecode stops, it isnt a bunch of blurry numbers. Don't hold it too long though. But you will need to make sure that these numbers will be static so it renders clear enough on the film to be legible. my 2 cents Allen Achterberg Good Luck!
  2. please use your real full name. then the answers come...
  3. das ist kein Absolute Beginner, aber ist richtig gut doch. Weiter Drehen.
  4. I'm looking to rent or buy a 100mm lens in Arri B or Arri S mount, would like T2. If anyone has one Please let me know if you want to sell, or even rent it for 3 days. Also interested in Zoom Lenses. Thanks, Allen Achterberg
  5. I wouldn't say its the way to go. But if you must do it, do it. All the Best, Allen Achterberg
  6. I believe Wooden Nickel gives students $100.00 in gear for free when they rent their first grip package. I'd really call wooden nickel and find out what kind of deal the can swing you. For everything else, I'd recommend calling around, explain your situation and most of the time they are willing to work with you. All the Best, Allen Achterberg
  7. If you are still looking for an Assistant I can help you out, Please email me at aaazfilms@gmail.com to let me know you are still looking and I will provide you a Resume and contact. Thanks, Allen Achterberg
  8. This is a magazine for a Beaulieu R16 16mm camera. It will hold 200' or 60meters, in great working condition. make an offer I also have the body if you want to buy both items together. The Body is sold AS IS, although in great cosmetic condition. I've run the camera once with a bad power supply and shot a test. Movement works good, but the framerate was not steady perhaps due to the power supply which found its way into the garbage. Have not ran it since. I will be more than fair on the price of the body $130.00 If interested. please let me know. Thanks Allen
  9. This lens is in good condition, But I don't really understand it, there's no ability to focus it on a particular subject. It's fixed at 25mm. Accepting any offers if it has any use to you, make an offer, chances are I'll value your offer over the lens. Thanks, Allen
  10. This is a really nice lens. It is a schneider Kreuznach 16mm-80mm T2 zoom Lens. It covers 16mm and is C-Mount. Perfect for Bolex owners who want good optics. Comes with front and real caps, and a nice case. PRICE-Make Offer Thanks, Allen Achterberg Please Direct questions to AllenAchterberg@gmail.com
  11. I have an Angenieux 12-120mm t2.3 lens for sale. It is Arri Bayonet mount, covers 16mm. If interested, make an offer. Allen
  12. His work inpisred me to become a cinematographer. This news horrable news.
  13. use your real name. If you want to get work, For that money I'd go S16.
  14. I am in need of Battery Blocks, a charger and perhaps one battery belt for my Arriflex 35BL, if you have something You'd like to get rid of please let me know. Thanks, Allen
  15. sold to an active member on this forum. thanks steve good luck on your feature! Allen
  16. I want to mention that I am also willing to trade. Here's what I am in need of -Arri Bayonet Mount Lenses that Cover 35mm -Matte Box Preferably 6.6X6.6, but 4x5 is fine too -Any accessories for an Arri 35BL 2 I am looking for best offer. I will consider all reasonable offers. Thanks, Allen
  17. There are three different adatpors. The Movie Tube P+S Technik's Mini35 and the indie redrock Micro M2 With a single operator? Depends on how talented and experienced you are. Although not recommended. It is difficult to pull focus on these units, you are usually wide open making it extremely tough for tight and even sometimes medium shots. Lenses vary. It really depends on the lens mount with your adapter. Redrocks M2 makes it affordable for ultra low budget films to be shot with the use of Nikon Lenses which can be purchased on Ebay. Although lens marks will not exist on these lenses, they can be remarked with tape. You can also have a PL mount with the M2. The Movie Tube and the P+S Technik mount will be PL which is great for the use of real cine lenses and accessories. These two adaptors are far more superior for many reasons, and the movie tube excells with no moving ground glass so mistakes will not be made. Both the M2 and P+S adapter have spinning ground glass to remove the grain which can lead to misakes especially on indie run and gun shooting styles. But lens and accessory rentals will add up, not a good idea for ultra low budget shows. It really depends on what adapter you have, your budget, and the look you want. I own an HVX200 package, with cards sticks and the M2 adapter along with Nikon lenses. It's great. Although since the M2 flips the image unlike the more expensive adapters you either have to rent an onboard monitor and turn it upside down, or do as I did and surgically flip the image by voiding the warranty. Not recommended. if you like, you may rent my HVX package for your flick if budget is a big issue. my 2 cents, and good luck Allen
  18. Yes, questions are fine. I purchased one for my HVX200, love it. Intending to buy another HVX200 I ordered another and ended up buying an Arriflex BLII camera, my intention was one for my use, another to rent out. But in the end decided on a BL2. Figured someone else may want one ASAP instead of the long wait I had. Cheers Allen
  19. I am selling a Redrock Micro M2 35mm adaptor with Nikon mount. It is the HD Bundle. Visit the website for information www.redrockmicro.com It is brand new, never left it's box. If you were to order from the website you would wait about a month for it to arrive. I am also Selling a Beaulieu R16 16mm Camera. It comes with 1 200ft (60m) magazine. It also comes with a Schneider Kreuznach Zoom T2 20-80mm Zoom lens. Lens has 1 ND Filter and 1 UV Protective Filter. Everything is in excellent cosmetic condition. I am also willing to Part this camera out. Let me know if interested and/or want pictures AllenAchterberg@gmail.com
  20. Yes they can be Purchased at filmtools. If you decide a frontbox isn't your style or pricerange just build a good belt, and a few cinebags wouldn't hurt. A ditty bag is important too.
  21. Like i stated, I just got off of a feature as the first with this rig. Interviews indoors will be a nighmare for focus, because of the lighting package required and you'll need to do some focus adjustment regardless when the subject DOES move slightly, this rig eats up a lot of light, but outdoors you'll be ok. It's justt a pain in the ass to do, normally when there is time, and a documentary doesn't always grant you time for tweaks with the camera, potentially setting you up for a product that would be less than that if you went naked on the HVX. and believe it or not, but it's not too difficult to get a good image on that video camera without the adaptor... Allen
  22. David, Correct me if i'm wrong but I'm not entirely sure it's fair to compare the Genesis to S16, the vericam yes. But the genisis? Although I agree with all other statements. Allen
  23. David is right. I just got off a feature with this rig you speak of. I was the Focus Puller, the first. The man stressing from call til wrap, and never slept. Not only will you have a really heard time seeing anything at night, you'll need a 1st, and one that wont walk off the show because of how rediculous it is for a first. I do not recommend for a documentary. No way man. Allen
  24. Well then I guess its my turn. I like this new topic as it's what I work most as. An AC. I do jump around from DP and first AC though. My name is Allen Achterberg, I'm 19 and these are my 1st AC jobs. Day Dreamer-16mm ARRI SR1 On The Can-16mm ARRI S Hawk Nelson "ELT"-DV XL1S Hawk Nelson "TWT"-DV XL1S Spoken "Falling Further"-Super16mm Panavision Elaine Hawk Nelson Music vid-Super16mm Panavision Elaine Hatchet Head-MiniDV XL1S P+S Technik Mount Prime Superspeed Primes Dynamite Swine-DVCPRO50 SDX900 FEATURE FILM Enter The Dragonly Disney Pilot-35mm Panavision Gold II The Pitch-XDCAM SONY XDCAM AARP Spec-35mm Panaflex GOLD II Jaguar Spec-35mm Panaflex Panastar II The Paranmormal Hour-HVX200 Red Rock 35mm adapter and Nikon Primes. FEATURE FILM and one job as a 2nd AC on the feature film Asian Stories Book III
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