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  1. Supports most if not all HD file formats; in this case MXF files. thanks a lot!
  2. yeah you should. Mini35 is for 1/3" chip camera
  3. does XP professional SP2/SP3 and premiere pro CS3 support MXF files? i got the CS3 trial and got an error saying the program didnt support the files I tried to import. is this a Vista problem only or does even XP professional not support HD files too? how about avid? is it compatible with XP professional SP2/SP3? Is Nitris the only Avid that supports MXF files and other HD media files? if XP professional SP2/SP3 works (with Avid system that reads/supports HD and/or Premiere Pro CS3) I'll just stick with that. thanks!
  4. "Cons: No Mac version of OnLocation software; no scene detection or Capture-panel monitoring when capturing HDV; lacks support for common HD formats; inconsistencies in the interface; built-in titler lacks character-based text animation; indistinct upgrade path; lacks OMF-export capability; no batch rendering; Trim panel edits not fully interactive." http://www.macworld.com/article/59063/2007...ocs3.html?t=230 they claim CS3 "lacks support for common HD formats." what do you think? what about the others (excluding Onlocation software)..are the others major or minor flaws. big thanks!
  5. i'm not an editor, so wouldn't need the top-of-the-line editing system. Premiere Pro CS3 will do the job to edit HD footage, color correct, add video/audio effects, etc? basically reliable system that does the job and does it efficiently for the price. the system i just got: HP Vista SP1 Processor E8400 3.0 Ghz 3 GB 800 Mhz Ram Nvidia 8800GT, 512 mb card thanks guys for all your help!
  6. but what do you think about Premiere Pro CS3?? Vista came out really buggy..as like any new software but hopefully soon it'll be much better esp with the SP. The only thing about XP is that Windows soon will have software available for only Vista. I need to get a new computer anyway. Definitely considered Mac Pro but it's couple grand more (considering system req to run the editing software). thanks guys!
  7. HD yes. my current program cant read HD files, like MXF. for Vista too.
  8. Really? I hear they are working on one compatible for Home? Minimum spec for Business..would that mean it lacks some features in Avid Nitris? thanks
  9. I'm between 3 programs: Premiere Pro CS3, Canopus Broadcast 4 and Avid Media Composer Nitris. Only one works for the system that I bought--that is Premiere Pro. I know someone with FCP and Avid for HD but I'd really want to get a new system of my own. I'm wondering if I should wait for Avid HD to come out for Windows Vista Home or go for premiere HD now? thanks a bunch!
  10. outside an apt room, partial hall way with a couple people there. the question regards lighting if we shoot down the hallway, without the lights being in the shot. the hall is 4 ft wide and long. we will do a dolly shot (this "dolly" is smaller in width than a standard doorway dolly). thanks!
  11. lighting a hallway. wondering how to go about it? We have Chinese lanterns and small lights, 650s, 1k. we aren't using the whole hallway which is quite long and narrow; it is 4 ft wide. thanks for reading!
  12. haha..i own one of these. maybe i should shoot something. it's a bitch to load and spring-wound but it does the job for what it cost :)
  13. Hey all! Do you know where I can find the operation manual for this camera? I checked the Panasonic website and I couldn't find one for this particular model. thanks a bunch!
  14. Zac, good post. Each camera comes with its own problems. The newer ones are better (the Hard Drive is great) but it's still in beta (testing) mode. I definitely agree with you about the video output. It was such a drag to have 2 monitors on at the same time, particularly for handheld. We can't view the Frame rate on the other monitor and the RED LCD disables all other video outputs. I highly suggest getting that second monitor! Another complaint I have is the Power issue; we charged all the batteries before the shoot and always have 2 batteries on the charger but by 2/3 of the day we always end up using the AC (and we had handheld, steadicam and jib arm). I suggest getting 2 chargers. It seems that one charger, though it can charge 2 batteries, only charges one-at-a-time and it takes a while too. Keep in mind we are using pretty much a computer and computers use a lot of power. There's no question about image quality and the camera is easy to use but there's plenty of room for improvement. -Natalie
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