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  1. Hello, I will be at LA for a few days till 24th of December and I would like to sell or trade in my Angenieux Optimo 17-80 F2.2 PL mount Zoom Lens. I have bought it from Keslow before pandemic and has been checked at Duclos. It has an Geckocam Optimo handle which was around 900 usd I bought from CVP London. Recently Just used it on a tv commercial of a high end brand, excellent quality. But unluckily Due to pandemic I didnt quite use this perfect glass according to my changing conditions, just use it twice. I would like to trade in +cash for Ultra Prime Set, Atlas Orion set, cash or other of
  2. Hello Will you BE interested in selling the cinemag itself? I am interested to buy one Kind Regards Best Serhan
  3. When i read this discussion i want to ask something regarding the sepia filter. Actually i don t know that is it sepia or not but i want to know it.Is it a post production work? It s about the Neil Burger's film starring Edward Norton "The Illusionist",which Dick Pope from B.s.c,is the director of photography. I want to ask how did they achieve that look on film In the beginning of the film,when eisenheimer is young the films look is warm,like sepia,darkened thru the corners,softened thru center in close ups. For instance on the trackin shot where young eisenheim is running to catch the p
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