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  1. okay now Ive been offered some schneider lenses for an arri. they are being sold at a distance and so ill have to get somebody to eventually check them out. before i go there i want to make sure they are for 35mm. the guy says they are but I know he is selling them fro people that shot 20 years ago. there are 2 50mm, 75mm and 28mm. the pics i have so far arent great but i did notice the 2 50mm's look different and one has a red triangle with the rest of the numbers on the front. one of the 28's has the triangle as well. is there any way i can tell that they are for 35mm from a distance? what do i look for?
  2. I have an opportunity to buy some Zeiss Jena lenses in standard mount. Any thoughts on image quality? I'm mostly thinking of using them for super16.
  3. hey there folks Im looking for a broken reflex bolex. broken spring, damaged in some other way, all considered.
  4. hey folks does anybody know anything about the angenieux 18-180mm f2.8 lens? like what format its for, quality, etc?
  5. I effing luv that show
  6. Ive done the math a few times and it is a few hairs over 50% compared to the 8mm frame. ut it math it's all relative, going from super8 down, the frame is about 33% bigger. It depends on your perspective. So 50% from 8mm up and 33% from super8 going down.
  7. That very well could be! Is it yours and have you used it?
  8. nobody replied in the 3d forum so I thought Id ask here. anybody know anything about this system?
  9. can you ditch the camera shutter and use an external mechanical shutter? that would last forever
  10. I think I like the bolex kit because its plug and play. It all plugs and plays together quick and easy. Its tested and true. The crappy part is that the kit I found for sale is going for 1000 euros.
  11. For those that might recognize it, I'm wondering about 3d systems for film cameras. I was hoping for a system that would work on super8 and 16mm. The Elmo unit does side by side which seems ideal but wish it would work on 16mm. Anybody have any info on the Elgeet system or other systems I should look at?
  12. Anybody know if it will work on any other camera thats rflex like an eclair npr? It this or the Elmo system but I dont know its quality and know it wont cover 16mm
  13. So what is the best method to do frame grab telecine? I might be getting a unit to build up on and would like to build myself a unit. I get that the grain is bigger with a higher res scan but doesn't it mean you can process an even better image in the end? For a camera, has anybody considered a machine vision unit? As for capturing each frame under a different light, isnt it pointless? I remember reading the need to taken braketed shots in digital and blending them because digital images have less lattitude. I thought film couldn't really be improved on by scanning this way. I've always wondered if a 35mm film scanner could be adapted to cine formats. The software is largely there to process the image well. The rest os complex ofcourse but thought it might be a decent avenue. anybody called Kodak and talked to them about the reversal tranfer and the orange to find out what the best way to reverse the image would be? The lab guys there have always been ultra helpfull. I'm just asking the dumb questions to get some of the basics out of the way.
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