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  1. Marco, Is this a student project or just low budget? Either way WN will give you a discount for those situations, as well, tell them the budget you have to work with and try to work their quote down. I've had packages from them before over 2000 that I got for 900-1000.
  2. Seems like your aspect ratio is off on your grabs, apart from the last one...Most likely an export issue. Looks nice!
  3. Also, I'm really loving that orangish-gold color of light in those night alley scenes and around the phonebooth. What gel is that?
  4. Matt, Great work! I watched a few of the BTS pieces while the trailer was loading, wasn't sure how I felt about the lighting at first based off the shots of the monitor on set and after I finally watched the trailer I was really impressed! Loved the colors, the organic quality of some of those locations, specifically the opening location. Again, great job.
  5. Ok, so the process you are seeing is called "Data moshing". The effect is created by replacing and rearranging "p" and "i" frames in the video data, thus creating strange arrangements of pixels and information. Mixed with greenscreen and moving camera shots, it actually looks like a very time intensive process. As far as I know the moshing programs automate the process and there isn't much on how the shot will look or how intense the effect will be, it is basically randomized. Cool stuff at any rate!
  6. It's not a password issue, just go to the video properties and change it to "public."
  7. Hey Matt, I am a local Set Lighting Technician, let me know if you have any openings and I can send you my resume. andrewbrinkhaus@gmail.com
  8. Eric, fantastic work. Really looking forward to being able to check this out when it hits theaters.
  9. David, Could you talk a little about some of the art/finesse surrounding the proper smoking of a set, and when to use different types of atmosphere? What is the best way to haze or smoke a set without washing out the image?
  10. Peter where are you located? (You should update your info so that your location is displayed in your member info.)
  11. What glass did you shoot the film on? I'm guessing you didn't use an adapter? (Pro35, etc.)
  12. Hey man, cool hearing about the project, and meeting you at the ASC open house. Best of luck tomorrow and for the rest of the shoot! I look forward to seeing more footy and grabs. :) Let me know when your back in town and we can grab drinks!
  13. That's a killer location, Tom! Where did you guys shoot? I just worked on a short (also set in the desert) and we shot out in a dry lake bed in Ridgecrest, right near the China Lake military base.... Lots of cool flyovers that weekend. :)
  14. There is this awesome site called Google that can probably help you find them. :)
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