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  1. Hello everyone I am shooting a film/ music video and I was wondering how to get this effect? Is it just long exposure ? How about the second picture ? Thank you !!
  2. Hello everyone I am wondering how they create the colors in this studio? The concept is great , the colors are amazing. I know there is some post production tweaking , and i don't see any shadow on the backdrop.... Please please let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much here is the yt channel and the videos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Qw1dzXDBAZPwS7zm37g8g
  3. @ Macks Fiiod we re shooting with an Alexa because the producer could get one for free...;-) Anyway thanks a lot everyone , the flashback scene is taking place in a parc so i think i'll go with a heavy filtration , and the use of some flare. Have a great day !
  4. Hello everyone I am shooting an indie feature soon , and i will have to film a dream sequence and a flashback, and i want the 2 scenes to look very different from each other. I am shooting with Alexa Mini and Cooke S4. It's a low budget so i won't be able to rent any other types of lens such as Super Baltar ( we cant find them in France anyway). For the dream sequence, I'm thinking to smear vaseline on a piece of glass in front of the lens. As for the flashback , I 've hit a wall. I know the editing has a lot to do with it , but visually it has to convey the past. I don't want the sepia look, nor do i want to desaturate it in post. Any ideas on what i could experiment with ? or any flashback scenes that you have seen that look great? Thank you so much again for your help! Cheers Raphaelle from Paris
  5. Bruce Green , what did you invest in? And for how much? thank you for your great input again everyone
  6. thank you so much everyone . What i am looking for right now is lower to mid budget feature film , so owning camera gear seems like a way to go, it would be a door opener it seems.I would go with a RED package. would love to shoot film and own a 16mm package but it will be too hard to sell ...digital is the way
  7. thank you everyone for your input.You guys are right about low budget stuff, i won't get to where i want to be by being cheap.....
  8. i just need a nice camera package, no lighting no sound. The real question is : is it worth it? Do production company and director will have an bigger incentive in hiring me with the gear or not?
  9. i don't have any gear. The next level meaning shooting feature films and more commercials . I would sell myself with the camera , could be a win win situation for me and the production company.
  10. Hello I need advice on the difficult subject of « how to get to the next level ».I was gaffer in NY where i lived for 13,5 years and became a DP when i moved back to France 13 years ago. For the last 13 years i have been working but i feel i am not where i should be. For 3,5 years i shot a very famous french TV serie that is viewed in France more like a tele novella and i think it did me more wrong for my career than good even if i was able to buy myself an apartment with the money i made on it. Now , i don’t work on that anymore and i have been struggling quite a bit. I just did a low budget feature where i don’t even want my name on the credit…. My question : Should i buy myself a camera gear like a RED DRAGON where i will be able to sell myself with and find work in feature film ? I feel like if could sell myself better with my own gear .Calling production company would be much easier. What do you think ? Is it worth it ? would it make a difference ? Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciate. Cheers everyone !
  11. THanks for your advice. i 'll try to cut it down a bit.do you see any shot that are poorly executed or just plain boring? Please let me know, raphaelle
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