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  1. Simplicity and knowledge. Fixture profiles. All good thought someone might know. cheers DT
  2. Thanks JD. Ed You're absolutely right. And thanks for the response. With just about every other fixture I can adjust the frequency specifically, 1k,2.5k etc but to match skypanels to the system is more of a trial and error situation. I'm wondering if anyone has put a scope on an S60 to find more detail. Thanks again.. DT
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any information on what the frequencies are in the menu. Frequency 1 = Frequency 2 = Etc Thanks in advance. DT
  4. I'm interested to know what processes people have used to straighten risers on steel stands. I've been working out of a truck that seems every stand has at least one bad section making it difficult push up. Happy to hear your thoughts. Budgie
  5. The Litepanel Micro is a great little option for an onboard camera light. Like the dedo, it's dimmable, it's light and it will quick and easy to rig to give you that little somethin somethin. I believe David mentioned using one onboard on "United States of Tara" - was that for prodominately eyelight? daveT
  6. Does anyone have any clever tricks to better judge the end of a roll on Krasnogorsk K3? The feet counter on my camera isn't fantastic and in noisy environments its hard to hear. any suggestions would be great
  7. Paul..."Samantha Who?" finally hits Australian shores sometime this year. I very much look forward to seeing it. Your thread is fantastic, thank you very much.
  8. That's some sound advice. Thanks Robert
  9. I have just landed landed a lighting gig on an indy feature, which will be shot on and from a couple of house boats. In very preliminary talks with the cinematographer he has suggested that he would like to use Wall'o s and other kino flos, along with china balls. Could anyone offer any advice when lighting from a boat, working with a lot of water or offer any advice about previous experiences/problems when working in this situation? It will be shot HD and a 5k-10k generator will be carried on one of the boats (fun!) Thank you very much!
  10. I've seen them used on 10amp breakers in Australia and they've worked fine, wouldn't suggest it though - they are really handy as stated. David Tilburey Lighting Assistant
  11. thank you very much. David Tilburey Camera Assistant Brisbane, Australia
  12. I really like this shot, can you advise of the location and setup of the 1Ks please?
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