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  1. yeah...sorry...it's just one of those things where I find the "flaw" to be an authentic, special character and not a hinderance to making the art of film. I think HD and the advancement of everything being easy & perfect will eventually fade and people will start to be drawn back to the little things that made movies great! ya know!? ok, now I'm just rambling...LOL.
  2. [quote name='David Mullen ASC Focus racks that cause a visible shift in focal length, a slight zooming, is called "breathing". Anamorphic lenses also breathe but for a different reason, focus racks cause the amount of squeezing in the background to change, making things in the background stretch or compress (back to normal) vertically. And the wider-angle anamorphic lenses often have a lot of barrel distortion to boot, so you see both the breathing during focus racks and the barrel distortion. yes. I love the effect it produces because it really allows focuses to POP! and I'm trying to mimic that in Maya (animation) Is there intentional zooming going on at the moment of changing focus in order to accomplish that? or is more about how the lens responds to light with DOF? and thanx for your time. you're great David. ross
  3. what do you call it when a lens actually bends or warps the sides of the image. is it qualities only from an anamorphic lens? please explain. thank you very much ya'll ross
  4. hey ya'll looking for constructive criticism on anything. directing, editing, story, whatever. opinions please! :-) www.thinkmonkeymedia.com/thelastjar
  5. I don't know what to say really...it's just weird. and if that was your goal...then I'd say you did a great job! :-) plus it's your first music video and obviously you are experimenting with editing effects so thats good to see. dive in and learn...have fun, and most of all take criticism well because its the best tool you have in getting better. find your style and craft and GO TO IT!!! :-)
  6. I personally enjoyed the video! But only the last half when it got really funny! The first half I couldn't tell whether it was trying to be serious as a glamour attempt or if it was leading up to a spoof or something. but yes, the back half was entertaining and thats half the battle won right there! I would say you should have tried to deliver at least pieces of that in the first half so people will make it that far. you know what I'm saying?. butts and boobies only go so far. cinematography was par, but nothing special. coloring was non-existent and could really bring the video up in caliber if you would have given it a little TLC with things like: dropping your black levels to give it depth and alleviate some of that natural flat haze from video, finding a color tone to give it some character as opposed to just "as is", or even just bumping up saturation a bit. and if you did do coloring, I sure couldn't tell. nevertheless, great idea! I was entertained! :-) ps-blood needs to be a darker (slightly more brown) tone. :-)
  7. these shady comments about Bolex regarding leaking light and crap....iz xactly that.........CRAP! Bolex is just as good as the others in design and performance, its just a matter of difference in how that performance works. I've not only shot on Bolex, but Arri, Aaton and an Eclair too. I've even shot a scene with a Bolex EBM and an Arri 16BL at the same time...and guess what, while examining the footage where we put the cameras in close proximity...the colorist made me and the producer come back into the room to try and guess which one looked better (or which one was which) and WE GUESSED WRONG! wasn't because one looked better...its that we couldn't tell any difference between the two! I'll reiterate a few comments back by someone earlier in this thread, its MORE important whats in front of the lens, and how well LIT it is!!!!!! You guys are being too much of NERDS by over-analyzing bullcrap! its good to do research to know what you're buying, and watch previous flicks shot on certain cameras, etc....but in the end...STOP being the nerdy technician, and start being the entrepreneur artist! :-)
  8. I actually know of the guy who is selling this camera and its about the best setup you're gonna find out there as far as a Bolex. He's really put a lot into it and its served him well. I was gonna buy it from him but my car just crapped out and so I can't afford it right now. An EBM will get you images just as pretty as any arri or other....like anything...its the artist behind the tool! http://cgi.ebay.com/Bolex-EBM-16mm-film-ca...id=p3286.c0.m14 He probably wouldn't like me to say this...but I would offer something like maybe $3900 or something and see if he bites...but I know he's put a lot into it so who knows...
  9. looks like something that could be very interesting! obviously your "preview" isn't a trailer per say....but its pretty darn cool none the less. to my surprise...i enjoyed it. cant wait to see the finished piece
  10. depends on what your project is for. But the minimum acceptable standard is a transfer to Digibeta tape, then just ask for the footage to be digitized to a hard drive as Uncompressed .avi or .mov (whichever format you prefer) if you want good quality after color correction and other post work....DV formats are not an option unless you go with DVC Pro50.....either way...you're going to have to transfer (digitize) from a tape source regardless.
  11. and you didn't light them cuz.....why? light from candles, fire, etc. does WONDERS to skin tone!
  12. if its a candle atmosphere......then where are the candles? the table is too bright! yet the background is fine.....faces could be slightly less...but seem ok-- try pulling down the brights with your three-way color corrector OR highlight/contrast filters or something.
  13. I LOVED IT! dark and differnt. cinematography was about the best you can create with DVX....however, it looks like your post-work was done well to bring that out as well.....at any rate...well done. could have been more vindication with explaining the "all you need is love", even though I get it...not sure if typical viewers would...and you have to balance for that. the shot that shows the man's eye looking out of the mask at the two men is a VERY haunting shot! good stuff! keep it up!
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