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    Realmente tengo que decir que a mis 37 años de edad nunca me ha apasionado nunca nada como el cine y por eso estoy enfocado en hacer cine en Español.

    C.I.E. � Cine Independiente en Español

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  1. I think B&H is probably one if not the best company when itcomes to customer service, I haven't had a problem with them.
  2. I went to a workshops in rockport, Maine for directing, also a friend of mine went there for cinematographic and he loved the place, now I ask my self if he comes all the way from Spain, it must be good, at least that's what I think. so check it, call, ask question and see if it's for you or not. Good luck! http://www.theworkshops.com/filmworkshops/index.asp
  3. I took a class at the workshops in Rockport, Maine, it is a great place to get your hands on and find out if it is what you want to do with your life... just because is 10 to 13 hours days depending on the class you take, they have one week workshops and longer, I love the place it was a great experience and if I was to take more classes thats where I would go for sure. http://www.theworkshops.com/filmworkshops/index.asp you can go to NYU if you have the money.. Good luck!
  4. Jaime Toruno

    Red Alert

    :blink: what in the world is that.. Red Alert for Red Camera files.. :huh: what is it and where do you get it.. do you need it ????? I have no idea.. :unsure:
  5. Jaime Toruno


    well that si understandable... just hope they don't stop it... :huh:
  6. Jaime Toruno


    :o So I understan that RED new camera is coming out... http://www.red.com/epic_scarlet/ :unsure: I might be late to this topic, but I cant wait to get me one.... COOOL :lol:
  7. :rolleyes: Thanks Brian, I done that in the past I just want to find out another way that people can have access to read it without been able to take the idea. :ph34r: And I would never put the last 2 episodes out there. Just enough to get you interest in it.
  8. :rolleyes: Well, thank you for all your answers, I had a good feeling of the kind of reply that were going to come my way, I know is not going to be easy, and that finding someone who can help and believe in my ideas it will be hard to find, that much I know also because the Spanish market which is where I want to go into and is the want I understand and believe there is potential is going to be hard to get any studio to take your project. I don't write for TV, it was a film script that I thought it would be better as a miniseries and decide to go that route, and maybe because I came to the conclusion that film is not going to pay my bills any time soon. So I decide to stop trying to shoot more short films and dedicate myself to write since I don?t have to worry about equipment, crew, etc? don?t get me wrong I would love to do film but with the way the economics is right now, and everything going up I rather save my money than renting equipment at least for right now. :P Back to the script I will finish writing it regardless what happens.
  9. :rolleyes: Hi every one, :unsure: so I finish my second draft of the first episode of hopefully to be ten, and I was wondering if is best to register now or wait till I am done with all of them. The thing is that I want to take the two first episodes and look for an agent... :unsure: oh yeah by the way which is the best way to go about finding an agent? Have a great one everybody!!! JTH
  10. :D Hi everybody, I am new at this editing thing, I have concentrated more in Directing and Writing, any way I am trying to cut a short that I shot, :huh: 2 questions, I have final cut studio 2 and was wondering what speakers would be good for editing. :unsure: Also I shot the footage on a JVC 110u in HD with 24p but I turned in the camera and was not able to download the footage so the second question is what would be the best way to download the footage to my external hard drive. :unsure: Any recommendation is appreciate :rolleyes: Thank You all! Jaime.
  11. Hi every one, does anybody knows where can I take a screenwriting workshop in spanish? would love to go to spain but last time I went I did not find anything. I am writing a script and I think and feel that it would be good to take an advance screenwriting workshop in spanish. any info is welcome, thank you much!!!
  12. :o the one and only Mr. BOB ROSS from pbs... :D that dude was great... RIP
  13. Well since there is no writers? corner and don't know where else to go... :unsure: Here is a question, I'm staring to write a script but I will have another writer helping me, what is the best way to divide the work for the same script. :blink: Any subjection is welcome. :D
  14. <_< so is illegal but there are hundreds of programs outhere, even apple has one available...lol.. :P I guess is just like taking a toke... is illegal but is great s*** lol
  15. Hello everyone, :rolleyes: have any one use Magic DVD Ripper, and it's any good? :unsure: and if not what is a good DVD ripper to use to download movies to iPOD? Thank you for any info. :)
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