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  1. I remember years back people were trashing Red left and right as complete garbage and not at all what they were claiming it was. Now that it's been out in the wild for years, how is it? I see there are an awful lot of feature films using the platform in some capacity.
  2. Yeah, I believe it is Bullet Time but Joe had suggested it was a single photograph and I was pointing out that it can't be that.
  3. Funny, I was just coming to come an make a thread about this technique. As far as the still photograph possibility, I don't think it is. There are other commercials that have perspective switches such as this one where the camera rotates from right to left as it pans.
  4. And given the recent prescient set by Crapcast (Comcast) with it's bandwidth cap, digital downloads are gonna be much tougher from sites/companies like Hulu.com and Netflix. ;)
  5. Looks like the flipped shot, when she's running up, that's obvious because the stairs she just came down were on the right, end up on the left, and when the lighting changes in the hallway it looks like that's the instant they cut the shots together.
  6. Yeah, it was Contact. I just watched the clip. Is there any info on how the shot was actually done? An AC article? Google is turning up not much.
  7. I just remembered a shot being discusses here, I think, of someone, a woman I believe, walking up the stairs, down a hallway, into the bathroom and then the shot turns into a reflection. I can't remember what the name of the movie was. Edit: I think t may have been from Contact when the young Jodi Foster is running for medicine?
  8. Yeah, until the price of the fixed is announced (I'm guessing they'll include an 8gig card), it's all smoke and renders.
  9. Memory storage options should have a built in option. The back of the fixed lens Scarlet is MUCH deeper than the brain onlys. I'm guessing its for control switches and a memory slot.
  10. The fixed lens Scarlet looks like it will be coming out at under $2500 and will be ready to shoot footage out of the box.
  11. Egad! None of my libraries or schools near by have it, microfilm or otherwise! Mike, I have the DVD and listened to it a few times. A nicely fleshed out DVD. As far as your suggestions of Cinematography Screencraft, New Cinematographers and Reflections, they've been on my "wish list" for a while. Nice to know there's some more information in those. Well, if anybody comes across a source of where I can read that article, send it along. Looks like I'm at a dead end unless I drop the $75.
  12. Anybody (ASC archives, anybody here?) have the Seven article from October 1995, digitally? I'd like to read that article but at $75 for the issue I can't justify the cost for only a few pages. Only if this was ever in their $1 back issue sales but it never is.
  13. The right decision is the one she makes for herself.
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