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  1. Derek, Many thanks for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated. I can agree maybe shooting through some foreground could have helped break up the negative space, maybe tracking past and through some objects. Again, thanks for the creative feedback. Ian
  2. Here is my latest show reel after recently graduating in the Summer, looking for feedback so please don't be shy. Many thanks Ian Jackson
  3. Hi Guys, Looking for some feedback on my newest show reel, which was compiled after I graduated in the Summer. Thanks
  4. Just received a notification from Robert White in Poole, Dorset (UK) www.robertwhite.co.uk have who have some fantastic prices for a limited time on Gossen Light Meters and Colour Meters Fantastic meters and a great price. Ideal for people looking for a first meter. Ian
  5. Yeah it looks real nice. Also the comparisons look the same - very impressive.
  6. I couldn't find anything on the search? You don't perhaps know the topic do you?
  7. Hey, I've been wanting to shoot a series of portrait shorts on Black and White for a while now and I'm unsure what route to take. With the recent release of "The White Ribbon" and also (not so recent) "La Haine" choosing to shoot colour and change to black and white in the DI, I'm not to sure on what to do. Either to shoot Kodak's B&W negative stock or shoot some colour negative and change in post? The upside to shooting on colour (for me) and changing in post is the choice of faster film stocks, but then am I just paying for the premium of colour, only to throw it away in post. It should be said that I am a student so I get a great discount on colour stock. Just wondering if anyone has any experience in shooting colour and chaging to black and white in post. Thanks Ian
  8. Yeah you can buy these (In the UK) from Robert White based in Poole, Dorset.
  9. If no one minds a student coming along then I might join?! Would like to have a chat and also to put some faces to names on here.
  10. Hey, I've used the miniflo kit briefly and found that during an overcast day they produce little/no difference as a fill. However i presume the will perform well at night obviously, but im yet to try this.
  11. Hey guys, Im wondering... i have no battery charger for a shoot coming up, but i have a I.DX JL-2 Quick Battery Charger with an DC Out which says Max 60W (13.8v 4.8a) will this be ok to run my SR 2 with? I have unscrewed the battery adapter on the SR2 to reveal the 4 pin 'XLR' port, im just using the wire used to connect the video tap (Its an S16 SR2) to the 'XLR' port. So the wire goes from the video tap > to the 4 pin xlr port where the battery adapter plugs into > then to the DC Out port on the Quick Charger. It runs fine, but does the higher voltage damage the electronics? Or will 13.8v be Ok? Thanks Ian
  12. Hey, I'm looking for a reputable retailer (other than eBay) to purchase quite a few daylight balanced bulbs for use in practical lights. Just wondering peoples experiences with any UK companie. Thanks
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