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  1. XDCAM Standard Def + Pro35 + Carl Zeiss Ultra Prime. NA EKS - vitamins / Quicktime h.264
  2. You can easily shoot "as is", underexpose the film and then push it 1 stop for your desirable night look. I think it will be a bit grainy because it's 16mm but should have good look.
  3. I've learned from John most of the things about the film which I know and never seen that amount of optimism and strenght before. RIP John, you will live in our memories. We lost so much. My deepest condolence to John's family.
  4. Sony Vegas 7 is full version. Movie Studio is something like a editing toy for home movie makers. For a years I'm doing editing in Vegas and only if you didn't try you will not know what Vegas can do. All of our work from year 2002 to now is based on Vegas edit suite and you can see it on our website. It is not perfect suite for editing just because few thing which Sony probably keeping away from Vegas because of their Xpri system, but don't worry... just try it for some hard job and you will see how easy you can work in it. Cheers!
  5. I've asked a distributor of DeckLink to arrange demonstration for me with HDLink and I will see. Also I would like to ask DP's which system they prefer for color grading in HD environment? Talking about software packages running on OSX or Windows. Thanks!
  6. Hi Phil, I had 2405 and replace it with 2407. The difference is noticable and 2407 is far better display. Analog inputs not deserve to comment about.... one word: HORRIBLE. About DVI input it is good, so good, and Decklink's HDLink is responsible for frame-rate conversion. I just waiting for the answer from DeckLink to explan how HDLink working with PAL frame rates. For 24p it's easy to convert to 60Hz, but don't know how that working in PAL. Also thinking about some consumer Pioneer PDP-5000EX Plasma which is 1080 native and probably has native frame rates.
  7. Hi guys, We are buying new MacPro/Final Cut/Decklink HD Pro edit suite and need some help for HD monitoring. We are already working compositing and CC on DELL 2407 displays and found them good for the job. Now have to ask some experienced colorists to help us about choosing right monitoring solution. The plan is to use Apple 23 / Dell 24" LCD screen with HDLink for HD monitoring instead of CRT's. What is your opinion, are they accurate enough for Color Correction Job and which one you will choose? Of course, the question is for the people who tried any/both of them and worked with CRT's too. Pros/cons etc. After a few years of working with CRT's I realised that LCD's today in most cases are far better than CRT's, but have to ask you to help me which way to go and what to do. Thanks a lot!
  8. When you are talking about HD primes... Are they have similar DOF to 35mm primes? Can you achieve more 16/35mm DOF look with them than with zoom HD lenses?
  9. I've shot city at night with Eterna 500 and rate it 500 ASA at 25fps sector 180 with SuperSpeeds. I had no need to push.
  10. Thanks a lot, It's treat when David Mullen and Claudio Miranda spend their time to write a comment. Claudio, Alpine looks beautiful! I hope it will be better with the link below. http://www.artvark.co.yu/tmp/flamingosi.htm
  11. Thank you for understanding and comment. We had two days by 18-20hrs each without brakes. Unfortunately, I had not enough time to make a proper light for all scenes because I even didn't know which locations we have few hours before shooting. About XDCAM, I have setup the camera to "straight" lowcon without any correction and I'm very satisfied with the picture. Of course it is not film, but I did color correction much easier than 35mm transfered via Phillips Quadra. I just tried not tu burn image even if I must underexpose it, bring it back in Combustion later and tried to make a film-look gamma for each scene and shot.
  12. hm... I've just tried and it's working. http://www.artvark.co.yu/tmp/flamingosi_fe...a_-_ti_i_ja.mov David, try to copy/paste the link above.
  13. Music video for the Serbian band "Flamingosi" Low budget, 2 days of shooting instead of 5. XDCAM 530P Pro35 Cooke S4/i set of prime lenses Sony Vegas for editing, Combustion for final grade and compositing. flamingosi feat karolina - ti i ja.mov
  14. Find some HDV with mini35 and some 35mm lenses and shoot. You will make your short to look like film. Thing like moviestuff "telecine" will not give your what you looking for.
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