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  1. That's how I roll! Insulting other peoples' work across the internet when I haven't made anything yet. I actually like it (appart from the dodgy French accents) The credit graphics were cool. The shot of the back of their heads as they sit in the bar reminded me of Vivre sa vie- which is a good thing in my book. That tracking shot at the beginging where he starts to walk as the music builds into the chorus could've been so amazing if the camera could've stayed steady. Anyway sorry to pick on your film- And sorry to hear your telecine woes (a cautionary tale). Thanks for your comments people, they fill me with hope. I will get some stuff up on the web that you can insult soon.. :P
  2. There seems to be a massive price disparity across the various models, from £400 for a serviced h-16 rex1 to £2000 for a rex5, (all regualr 16mm) I know that lenses plays a big part, as does getting the exposure an6'd lighting right, but all things being equal, does the image vary from model to model? Watching examples on vimeo, for example, doesn't help because they're merely tagged 'bolex 16mm' or 'h-16' So someone with knowledge across the handcranked ranges could really help me out here! Obviously I want the cheapest model, but am prepared to pay what ever I have to for a standard of image. Here's some links for the kind image I want. http://www.vimeo.com/873275 http://www.vimeo.com/1099534 http://www.vimeo.com/910928 http://www.vimeo.com/1234501 And, no offence, some I don't http://www.vimeo.com/230374 Can anyone enlighten me?
  3. I am based in England and am looking to buy a K-3. Ebay seems the only source for these cams, but I don't want to buy one, only to find it needs servicing back in Eastern Europe. Are the lenses that come with either the m42 or bayonet mount similar in quality? Not too bothered about putting other lenses on it tbh.
  4. ah yes I found found the screws with some lovley 30 year old glue covering them. A few minutes picking and scraping and a power drill did the job. TOP TIP- Don't connect four fully charged batteries with two partially charged batteries. They produce an acrid smoke.
  5. That looks great/ I fast coming to the conclusion that b&w is the only way to go with super 8.
  6. I just starting the research phase of a short I want to do on super 8 and while I don't know much I would say pay more attention to lighting. More lights means sharper focus and less grain. (I think). But the visual story telling was reall good in places! nice one.
  7. I think billy wants you to make it more american :P (although I really like that corridor/experiment room intercut idea)
  8. I really liked the colours in the cellar scene, the greens of the soldiers uniforms looks great. How did you light that scene with soldiers, doctor and 'operating' table One slightly negative criticism- the muzzle flash from the guns and smoke from the bullets landing looks really bad. Ten year kids on youtube can do better! The up and down wobbling seems to be a bit of an issue, is that the camera, or the telescine? Can stuff like that be fixed in post? I have a 5008ms and am really encouraged by this. Is this your first super 8 film? Anyway, well done sir! And apoligies for the proliferation of exlamation and question marks.
  9. I have 4 5008 batteries one of which I cut open. I pulled all the bits out and still I can't figure out how these things open. It must be at the top somewhere. Since they can be recelled, it must be possible. I am making an external powerpack at the moment and I may post some pictures for a guide sort of thing. I know its very simple to do, but I would have appretiated the same thing when I was researching how to do it. So keep your eyes peeled if you're interested. On another note- has any one tried the c-mount cctv/ machine visioning lenses yet?
  10. Things are looking up! I've got my eye on an old pentax. Thanks for the info.
  11. I feel very stupid asking this but I don't care because Einstien (or someone) said that there is no such thing as a stupid question, and he was no idiot savont, right? Do mismatching lights (as in- cheap halogen lights not designed for filming) show up dramaticly on b&w film?
  12. I want a spot meter but cannot afford a spot meter because I don't really need a spot meter because I am not a proffesional. I'm going to start some super 8 filming soon in order to learn the techniques of lighting and exposure and stuff and the internal, averaging lightmeter won't be of much help, because I want to learn the zone system. Spotmeters a bloody expensive but some pop-up on ebay priced within my meager financial reach- but are they worth it? Do they deteriorate? (my instinct says yes). If yes, are they unusable for my amature trainning needs?
  13. Rodriguez got the actors to record their dialogue and some of the sound effects straight after the take. This was so that the acoustics of the audio matched the screen. A great action film but the dubbing and lighting are terrible! Its about what you can get away with I suppose.
  14. Hi there! I've just bought a Beaulieu 5008 multispeed off ebay which comes with depleted batteries (obviously) and from what I've read the camera could do with a service. Where is the most convienient place to get it done? I'm based in Leeds, UK. Also, does anyone know of a site demonstrating a 5008 battery recelling/fix? They are different from the other beau model batteries I think - suposedly easier to recell. ty
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