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    Looking to purchase a pre-owned PDW-F800 w VF in good condition ASAP. Just missed a deal over at Bexel where they sold off several PDW-F800 with VF for 50% off. Thanks 323-375-4040 Daniel Andreas Director of Photography Los Angeles DVW970 DigiBetacam PAL SDX900 HDX900 www.PALHD.com
  2. Sai Stephen I would be interested in seeing those artefacts (do you have some stills you could email or can the project be viewed on a server somewhere?) as a client of mine wants me to consider shooting in with the 5DMKII and I need to make a case against it. I have recently shot a music video on the Canon and found that solution a joke, being a cinematographer used to large VariCam type cameras. Too many auto circuits that can't be turned off, and monitoring was a nightmare also. That little HDMI plug is a joke as the cable will always fall out, not to mention that it can only go to a CONSUMER monitor instead of a professional HD-SDI monitor. What did you find besides the compressed blacks? Any other feed back would be much appreciated! PS: chasch mer au uf Schwyzerdütsch per email antwortä falls das besser gaht
  3. So what were your findings? I would be interested to learn what you ended up shooting on as I am in a similar situation but may just go with DigiPrimes or possibly the P&S Pro35 system.
  4. I am about to purchase a Focus Devices Firestore FS-100 (250GB). Does anybody have experience using it with an HDX900? The new 250GB offers 11 hrs of DVCProHD recording (720/24) I have rented it once before and there was some issues getting all the settings right betwen the 1394 Settings on the HDX and the settings on the Firestore. I also heard from some operators that the device is temperamental -- any insight is much appreciated as I am about to purchase this beast. And yes I am aware of the fact that the company filed CH11 but I am getting a good deal on the unit and instead of renting it I might as well just buy it. Thanks for taking your time to respond to my posting Daniel Andreas Director of Photography Los Angeles
  5. This rarely happens but it is now coming up in prepro for this large HD doc I am shooting starting next month. The producer suddenly asks me what my "WEEKLY RATE FOR EQUIPMENT" is after I had provided a quote with daily rates which was approved by production. As an owner/operator I always charge daily rates but then don't charge for equipment on travel days. Which I think should make up for some. Besides much better cared for equipment and lower hours what are some other arguments that you guys use in this type of $$ discussion? Appreciate your kind advise! Daniel Andreas DP Los Angeles
  6. My SONY DigiBetacam went overboard on a sailing shoot. While I do have my own insurance, I think that the production insurance should kick in instead, given that this happened during a scheduled shoot for a major production company who distributes this sports program to over 100 countries. I am also worried that with a substantial claim like that my insurance might go up considerably, and there is also a deductable. Any thoughts / experience / input is welcome! Daniel Daniel Andreas Cinematographer Los Angeles
  7. Looking to purchase a used Sony DigiBeta Camera in PAL. Pls send offer incl hours thanks Daniel Daniel Andreas Cinematographer Los Angeles
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