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  1. Hi Sunil! What kind of lens have you been using on Arri IIC.Is your ARRI updated to the newer versions? Goshi
  2. hello! I was looking for the first time D60,wandering about the great PQ. I tried to use the NIKON 50 mm (1:1.7) on it which is a very good lens,but I saw that time after time the light going into decreased for a fraction of seconds than it became normal.Is this because Nikon is an old type?Or I must adjust something in the menu? Goshi
  3. Does this PL mount work well also on 60D?
  4. Hello friends! I use my Pan HDX900 for films and doc's.Lately I had a problem during shooting.The ND filter knob does not change the filters although on the viewfinder I see the numbers change.First I thought it was a mechanical problem;the knob was not tightened with the axes.But no remedy.It seems as if the ND filters change electronically.Unfortunately the filter selector has stopped probably to the ND4,so the camera has lost the sensitivity,being unable to shoot in low lights.It looks like I'm shooting with a low speed film,maybe 100 ASA. Can anybody give me any suggestion on how to remedy in this. Thanks Goshi
  5. Hello Jeff! I'm ready to shoot a short movie with HDX 900.Could you suggest me any good scene files,out of the factory settings.As I see you have used before HDX 900. Thanks Gavrosh
  6. Hi guys! Does anyone tell me whether I could use the set of prime lenses for RED Scarlet (2/3) to the Panasonic HDX 900?Do they realy feet well? Thanks Gavrosh
  7. Hi Nooman! Sorry to ask you the same after 4 years.If you still posses the manual for Arri IIC,can you send it to my inbox? Best regards Goshi goshitvsh@hotmail.com
  8. Hello Mr.Mullen Can you give me any idea on how to upgrade my IIC with PL mount and video assist.What could be the prices? Thanks Gavrosh
  9. Hi John! My IIC is a serial Nr.5996.Is that one of the latest prod's? Besides,does the claw consume during a long period of work,which gives unsteadiness of the image? Regards Gavrosh
  10. Hi Guys I'd lik to upgrade my IIC with a PL Mount.Can anyone show me the easiest way? Thanks Gavrosh Haxhihyseni
  11. Hi Jose That is a good picture quality but I'd like to know is it shot in 35mm?I like also the rapid dinamic editing. I saw on youtube the short school movie shot in super16mm.The image seems great,and I wander what kind of lighting you have used.Seems as if it is shot on natural lighting conditions.What emulsion because the colors are good but with a slight tendency towards magenta. Greetings Gavrosh
  12. Hello! I am looking to buy another battery and another 400 ft magazine for my Aaton super 16 mm.If there is someone to sell let me know and specify the conditions. Greetings Goshi.
  13. hi! To those who use panasonic hdx900.Is it normal that the camera warms up during operation in such an extend that makes me affraid whether something is not regular? Greetings Goshi
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