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  1. Hello, plese see more detail on following link:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154543182183?hash=item23fb7dd167:g:vg0AAOSwSwhg~FuW Thanks Best regards Goran
  2. I sell my 16mm camera complet Bolex H16 SBM in original alu case with Angenieux RX 12-120mm F2.2 for Bolex. In complet is ESM motor and original battery grip, Bolex MM motor with cable for 122m magasin, 2x122m magasin in excellent condition, RX-fader for 40fps disolves, rewind film leveler for spring work, spring is in excellent condition (25sec. camera run with 25fps constantly), 2x cabels for sync pulse generator, sync pulse generator 50HZ 25fps, both motors for magasin and camera works normaly, cable for external power supply, 8m Bolex universal cable, 2x 30m daylight spool, original compendium in excellent condition, Bolex battery conteiner, cable for for analog audio recorder, etc. Bi-prism is in excellent condition and lens is clean without fungus or separation. If you look for Bolex 16mm camera complet in excellent conditions than this is opportunity for you. I guarantee that this Bolex H16 SBM camera complet is in excellent mechanical and optical conditions (near mint). Price for complet: 4000EUR without shipping from Slovenija EU Only serious buyers ask for photos please. If it not find the buyer here I will put it to the ebay-gogo123-00565 -100% feedback
  3. CANON XL2E CAMCORDER Condition Functionality 100% Full Working Order Throughout. 25 recording hours-like new TV System PAL Cosmetic Condition 9/10 (Very Good, with very minor marks) Contents: Canon XL2E Digital Camcorder including: Zoom Lens in excelent conditions(Canon Video Lens 20x Zoom XL 5.4-108mm L IS 1:1.6-3.5) with Both Caps, Hood and Black Leather-Style Drawstring Case Viewfinder Array Stereo Microphone Shoulder Mount Body Cap 2 Battery Pac Li-ion Battey charger/holder HC-910 Battery Charger Shoulder Strap Remote Control DC Coupler AV Cable Serious buyers can send me an offer.
  4. 1.Camera Beaulieu 6008 PRO 16:9 quartz modul 25fr/s and Angenieux zoom lens 6-80 all in normal working condition.Camera comes in Pelican case with battery and charger. 2.Camera Beaulieu 5008 MS lens Schneider Optivaron 6-70 all in normal working condition.Camera comes in case with battery and charger. Serious buyers can send me an offer.
  5. I`m selling spring driven camera Bolex RX5 s/n 226706 with automatic rexofader fading device(sinhro motor is sold), Switar 10mm f/1.6,Aspheron 5.5mm,Varioswitar 18-86mm f/2.5 EE,2x 122m magasins,motor for magasin,4x filter holders,extension tubes for macrocinema,camera grip,Catozzo 16mm film splicer M2-16mm-2T, 122m Kodak 16mm color negativ EXR 100T 7248,122m Kodak 16mm color negativ EXR 50D 7245,122m Kodak 16mm color negativ Vision1 500T 7279,30m B/W reversal 16mm Fomapan 100R. Camera is in excelente condition.Films were stored in fridge. All for 1200 Eur + shipping.e-mail:goranstoisavljevic@yahoo.it
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